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New books out by famous/popular authors:

1) The Brethren - John Grisham - read most of his books, including The Firm (Tom Cruise movie), The Pelican Brief (Julia/Denzel movie)

2) The Phantom of Manhattan - Frederick Forsyth - sequel to The Phantom of the Opera - think his books have been made in2 movies, 2, just can't now recall w/c.

3) Timeline - Michael Crichton - remember Jurassic Park?

4) A Walk To Remember - Nicholas Parks of Message in a Bottle fame & that book made in2 a movie w/ Meryl Streep & Clint Eastwood.

5) Unexpected Guest - Agatha Christie

6) Armand (The Vampire Chronicles) - Anne Rice - should b a good read 4 Lestat(99) :)

7) Rainbow Six (a thriller 'bout a group of terrorists threatening d world, what else?) - Tom Clancy

8) 'Tis - Frank McCourt - his Angela's Ashes is now a movie currently showing in US

9) False Memory - Dean Koontz

Watuwaitin4 - go grab ur copy @ ur local bookstore & 'njoy! :)



  • Thanks for the book list, GeePers.
    Also, good to see you posting here.
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hey GeePers, which of these books do you recommened? Have you read any of them yet?
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I don't recommend 'Tis by McCourt. While Angela's Ashes was a great, great book, his second book sucked. He became too whiny here.
  • Are those titles out now in the country? Finally, a new crichton novel for me to drool on! ;)
  • May bago na ulit na John Grisham?!? Kakabili ko pa lang nung The Testament eh...oh well, matagal naman lumabas yung paperback...

    GeePers: Are you a John Grisham fan?

  • Thanks GeePers! Am a bookworm myself, and whenever I go to Powerbooks, I can't decide what books to get with so many books to choose from. I'm sure your list will help me a lot. :)

    Some advice: before buying a book, check out its review from Barnes and Noble. People usually rate a book from 1 star to 5 stars, and 50 people saying a book is good can't possibly be wrong.

  • ako din book lover kaso la sa budget so hanggang hiram nalang ako... too bad.

    pero ganda john grisham ha... me bago na pala siya, makahiram or lets say, hunting ng mahihiraman ulit... :D
  • Currently reading Timeline.

    The time machine in the Spy Who Shagged me is better than Timeline's time machine.

  • You forgot Hannibal by Thomas Harris! Galing ng book na yon... sequel sa Silence of The Lambs... I say check it out...you won't be able to put it down once you start reading.
  • John Grisham's books are okay although sometimes I find them a bit dragging. I just finished The Testament.

    I enjoy suspense-type of books so if anyone can recommend any, I'd be pleased!

    Too bad 'Tis did not live up to Angela's Ashes. But still, I would like to read it.

    Am still waiting for some books to come out as paperbacks like A Walk to Remember and Iris Johansen's new suspense novel.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    emilie: I’m a sucker for suspense-thrillers too. What books do you recommend?

    ParuParo: I finished reading Hannibal two weeks ago. I got lost in some parts of the book. I didn’t find it easy probing a psychopath’s mind. Can’t wait to see the movie version, though.

  • Ada...actually ako nga rin eh...
    *covers up enthusiasm about the book lest Ada put two and two together and relate me to Hannibal*
    ...and I read somewhere that Jodie Foster won't be in this sequel- she doesn't approve of what's happened to her character kasi.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    [email protected]

    *sigh of relief* And I thought I was getting slow! ;) Have you read Silence of the Lambs? If you have, is it as confusing?

    I think Jodie Foster didn't relish the idea of having a love scene with Lecter. It is creepy, if you think about it.
  • Ada: I recently finished 'Bone Collector' and it is a pretty good read, if you don't mind a lot of forensic science intertwined with suspense. If you like 'The New Detectives' on Discovery channel, you'll like this book.

    As for Rainbow Six, I finished it last year, and it was a heckuva fast-paced book. It also wouldn't hurt to have an affinity for military tactics and weaponry. The game on the PC is difficult to learn, but it's a great simulation of the real thing.

  • Ada: Silence of the lambs na book is almost exactly the same as the movie (except lecter had 11 fingers), very easy read actually...

    Pinaka confusing and obfuscated book, yung mga kay umberto eco, talo pa niya brief history of time...
  • Belated follow-up:

    Can't recommend 'cuz haven't read any in list 4 coupla reasons - spend alot of time online - mayb should start reading again, huh?; kentafford/not in budget, either - so just wait 4 local public library (a really huge one - 7 stories I believe) 2 be available/rarely buy paperback, either. BTW - is there a public library system in Pinas? Did not notice/see any library while there last Dec.

    Am a Grisham/Crichton/Clancy fan - legal thrillers/espionage genre are my favs - last Grisham book read The Rainmaker - this guy @ bus stop thought 'twas 'bout American Indians making rain, y'know; last Crichton - Airframe.

    That's right Hannibal movie is pending 'cuz producers still looking 4 a JF replacement - Ashley Judd is candidate, so is Renee Russo, & others, can't recall who.

  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I liked the earlier works of Clancy, although he seems to have "sold out" by the late 1990s na; some of his books (I remember one in particular, Powerplays: ruthless.com) really sucked and weren't even well-researched. I have about a dozen Crichton books, but I can't really say I'm a big fan of his.

    No, there's no decent public library in this country to speak of.

    Books that I have read recently which I think are good:

    Jeffrey Steingarten, The Man Who Ate Everything
    Richard Russo, Mohawk
    Tim Sandlin, Skipped Parts
    Wally Lamb, I Know This Much Is True
    Laurie Fox, My Sister from the Black Lagoon
    John Harvey, Easy Meat
  • doc ira, akin na lang po yung mga crichton novels mo ;)

    wala pa sa national bkstore yung mga books eh, at least i have something good to look forward to :)
  • RAINBOW SIX was really a good book...i really like those spy novels...i like the hi-tech stuff and the way those intelligence people work like they know were they're supposed to be and what they're supposed to do at any particular time...

    THE TESTAMENT was a bit unsuspenseful...i don't really know how to describe it...it was different from the other grisham novels...or maybe i just didn't like the backdrop for the novel...but i like the john grisham....

    AIRFRAME was much like disclosure...read both and you'll see what i mean...

    has anyone read the OP-CENTER series by Tom Clancy...i don't know...but i really like them...i'm reading the 4th in the series, ACTS OF WAR...

    has anyone read LIFE'S LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK Vols. 1,2,3...really cute and honest...and inspiring...if that can be used...i think there are two more volumes but i can't find them here in manila...if you have any info re these books...share them naman
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    emilie: I discovered Iris Johansen last summer...and I really enjoyed her books! Suspense talaga, cool! What other books by her have you read (para mabasa ko rin)? Thanks! :)

    Sino dito nagbabasa ng books ni Patricia Cornwell? (Cornwell o Cromwell -- I get confused!) :)
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