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i got a forwarded email from someone who was complaining about "pinoy big brother", saying that this show should be banned or something because it is a fake reality show that features immoral behaviours from the participants.

i wish people would stop all these talks about morality on movies and television. honestly, i'd rather prefer to see sex and nudity on tv and movies than watching all the corrupt politicians proclaiming themselves as heroes and saviours of the poor in front of the cameras. i do not see the logic why nudity is not allowed while it is perfectly fine to witness high profile people get away with lies and commiting crimes.

there's about 60 to 80 channels if you have a cable tv and nobody is forcing us to watch all these trashy shows from the local channels.

on the other hand, we have to live with the fact that the news will always be filled with hypocritical, self serving interviews of and press releases from the politicians.

you are complaining about a show that is created for entertainment. true... you may learn something from watching movies and television, but basically, movies and television shows were created for entertainment and as forms of artistic expression. movies and television shows can be an escape from reality, yet it can also mirror the events of real life. it can provide facts, yet it can present us with fictional characters and stories. you want reality tv? watch the news and see how pathetic real life is.

sadly, the thin line between fact and fiction in television had been crossed. the birth of reality shows, wherein real people are caught on camera acting and reacting to unreal situations, has become a fact of life; while fiction has crept into the realm of the news and public affairs shows, where we are now being constantly bombarded with lies and cover-ups from the politicians.

where is morality? what makes us, as humans, different from the rest of God's creations is our free will. we have the freedom to choose to do what is right from what is wrong. now who decides for us what is right and what is wrong may be the real issue. is it immoral to witness a naked human body? is it not immoral to partonize lies and hypocrisies?


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