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LETRAN KNIGHTS vs PCU DOLPHINS in the NCAA 2005 Finals !!!



  • Revenge is sweet for Letran. I'll root for them.

    ARRIBA LETRAN! (minsan minsan lang sasabihin 'to :glee: )

  • b♥♥mb♥♥m i ♥ u PExer
    arriba letranista!
  • orangef1orangef1 Rebel without a Cause PExer
    peeps, ano oras ng mga laban?
  • aRrIbA LeTRan kNiGhTs.....
  • may the best team win. *okay* *okay*
  • Showtime!!!

  • DanoyDanoy Member PExer
    LetRanisTa el mejor equipo *okay*
  • frankeeslfrankeesl Letraholic PExer
    Arriba Letrabista!!!

    Arriba Letran!! *okay*
  • Blue KnightBlue Knight Banned by Admin PExer
    Game Analysis please. who do you think will be the champ this year ? Look at the match ups:

    Aaron Aban vs Rob Sanz
    Mark Andaya vs Gab Espinas
    Eric Rodriguez vs Beau Belga
    Boyet Baustista vs Mon Retaga
    Paul Alcaraz vs Jason Castro

    Focal Point is between the 2 playmakers on how they will direct the games on floor.

    LETRAN KNIGHTS are playing as a team w/ no superstar. Anybody from the team can have double double figures. Carrying the PRIDE as the winningiest team in the NCAA Land and the wounds from last year's Final 4 plus the the fact that they defeated the PCU Dolphins twice in the elims. LETRAN KNIGHTS are the deadliest team in the NCAA. They are now ready to prevent the back to back of the PCU.
    Last year it should be Letran Knights in the Finals but Ronjay Enrile blew it thus failing them to get the grandslam na sana yun na ang target ng Letran this year.

    Letran Knights got the deepest bench among all teams and experiences. They even have the full solid supporters, individual talents, great coach and the tough solid team to play.

    Letran Knights hinog na hinog na to get the cown for this year.

    Missions :
    Reclaim the Glory, bring back the title to Intramuros and dethrown the PCU
    Prevent the Back to Back of the PCU
    Go for 16th Title
    Sweet Revenge
    Teach them what does ARRIBA means
    Sing the Alma Mater Letran (Himno de Letran) every after the games.
    Let the song "We are the Champion" be played again for the Letran Side.

    PCU Dolphins got the championship until this time but the question is "Until When?"

    Last year they even tagged the PCU Dolphins as The Detroit Pistons. This year since Letran Knights are back then they are the "San Antonio Spurs" ready to take away that title from the PCU any moment from now.


    Are you ready ?
  • zer0_c0oLzer0_c0oL YUNA!!!! PExer
    From po...

    NCAA Men's Basketball
    Mon Sep 19
    LC 74 - PCU 79

  • jayzhellejayzhelle Forever Charmed PExer
    zer0_c0oL wrote:
    From po...

    NCAA Men's Basketball
    Mon Sep 19
    LC 74 - PCU 79


    well.... what can i say? hmmm... hindi man namin natalo ang letran sa round 1 and 2, okay na rin kung ito ang naging kapalit.

    everybody's excited for the 2nd game! go dolphins fight! :)
  • supaflysupafly Member PExer
    ouch.. must hurt for letran to lose their first game this year to pcu in the finals..
  • curly2muchcurly2much Member PExer
    haha....its payback time...ndi laging msy pr sa knights...ur now tasting d revenge of the dolphins.....go dolphins fight! galing mo castro!
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks! ✭✭
    Kanina while browsing channels nagtune in kami sa NCAA finals on Studio 23, ganda ng laban, sa 3rd period lamang ang CSJL tapos nung 4th period biglang bawi ang PCU, what a nice game. A big comeback win to take the lead in the NCAA finals.

    Castro was amazing, he set the tempo of his team and eventually change the game for their advantage after his huge 3pt play and his
    Ginobili-like drives,he was one hotshot guy. And his assist to his teammate that gave them the 3pt advantage were all part of the momentum that gave them their win,although CSJL went close w/in 3
    the PCU defense made it difficult for CSJL to comeback.

  • ano yung msy, curly2much?
  • renvicrenvic Heart of a Champion PExer
    1 win to go!!!

    1 School!!!
    1 Team!!!
    1 Goal!!!
    Back-to-Back Champions!!!

    Go Blue and Silver!!!
    Go Dolphins Fight!!!
  • bluemaxbluemax Member PExer
    i'm still hoping that the knights will find it within them to win game 2 and extend the series. kaya pa iyan! we've come too far to give up now. arriba letran!

    to the dolphins, great game! you deserved to win. but game 2 is another story.
  • dacs_514dacs_514 Member PExer
    yah right! game 2 will be another story. admist all the test!
    Knights do their Best!
  • jayzhellejayzhelle Forever Charmed PExer
    game 2 is a different story but i hope it will have the same conclusion just like yesterday...

    go dolphins!
    nice game! :)
  • orangef1orangef1 Rebel without a Cause PExer
    maganda ang laban. sayang di lang nga nanalo ang letran.

    next game, please make mark andaya shoot na just rebound and block the ball. IPASA NIYO SA KANYA! I think yun ang isa mali ng letran nung game 1.

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