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Can you really feel that a ghost is cold?

lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas MySola PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
i watched many ghost huntings before both local and international and i noticed that they always telling us that they felt a cold breeze of air whenever a ghost is nearby...

also in abroad where they are using a specialized camera to detect coldness on a part of a house or abandoned something :eek: ....

how bout the smell of candle? mind to share ur thoughts and experiences *okay*


  • perkinsperkins Member PExer
    i watched many ghost huntings before both local and international and i noticed that they always telling us that they felt a cold breeze of air whenever a ghost is nearby...

    also in abroad where they are using a specialized camera to detect coldness on a part of a house or abandoned something :eek: ....QUOTE]

    isn't the cold feeling ascribed to the spine-tingling of hair-raising experience which is generated by the body itself - out of fear?

    isn't the state of coldness are ascribed to ghosts because we associate them to dead humans - which are cold?

    i wonder if this is also true of so-called incubus spirits who is said to f//k humans whom they have the hots on while asleep. in such cases, if at all it is true, don't the human (or maybe the ghosts/spirits themselves) feel hot and horny?

    please enlighten me, i don't believe in ghosts as things of human origin or coming from bodies or persons of dead people.
  • perkinsperkins Member PExer
    re smell of candle, isn't candle another matter associated with dead humans, especially in our culture and in many cultures that we are familiar with?

    i wonder if there are same manifestations (smell of candle, etc.) of so-called ghosts in cultures that are not familiar to candles, etc. and other paraphernalia for the dead in their burial rites.
  • rachelt12rachelt12 Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    manifestations depends entirely on the 'ghosts/sprits' and how they want you to identify them. for example: the small of cigar smoke reminds you of your, they manifest to you that particular smell.

    spirits/ghosts are 'cold' because they don't have the body to warm, not all are cold. it still boils down to specifics. say, bad spirits sometimes are super kikilabot n malamig...
  • n3d_d2xn3d_d2x i-am-lost PExer
    ... ghosts
  • zotarzotar Member PExer
    sbi nila ghosts are visible to extreme cold. some say because of their ectoplasm. try this, if you really want to catch a ghost, find a cold spot in a place and hit the fire extinguisher directly to that spot. hehe
  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    perhaps the polar ice caps are so full of them...
  • bubuyogbubuyog buzzzzz PExer
    I experienced both the cold breeze and the smell of a burning candle, which, in our culture, are associated with the departed.

    Allow me to articulate my take on this issue.

    Man being the extension of his Creator, not unlike branches are to a tree, he has divine-like powers laying dormant in his spiritual mind. Sometimes, some of these powers manifest themselves without his anticipation, permission or knowledge. Or so he thought.

    Man, in his true form, is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent. He can see the future, be in many places at the same time, bend the rules of physical law, and is innately compassionate. However, he has difficulty expressing these attributes in his physical existence, as the spiritual and the physical speak different languages. It is said that Spirit communicates through symbols, and it is up to the physical mind to translate these symbols to a language it knows. The cold breeze is one example. But being individuals made different from another by experience, upbringing, and biases, we don't necessarily have a common spiritual vocabulary.

    This is why the ignorant would say he can interpret another man's dreams, while the wise would say only you can interpret your own dreams. Paying attention to our dreams is one way of listening to what we, as symbol-speaking Spirits in our true form, have to say.

    Ghostly manifestations are dependent on ideas long held by the experiencer. Or putting it another way, would I have felt a cold breeze when my father died if ghost stories I had previously heard had not established an association between the cold and the dead? The same goes with the smell of burning candles, flowers, blood, and perfumes. These are symbols by which we rationalize things that are not physical.

    It's not unlike the case of near-death experiencers who relate what they saw "at the end of the tunnel." A Christian would attest seeing Jesus, a Muslim would swear by interacting with Mohammed, and so on. Their spiritual biases are what are waiting for them in death. Related to this, an atheist would experience death as a long slumber as he has no concept of heaven. Unless, of course, he is a closet theist. These near-death experiences are symbols that ultimately define our take on life after death. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have yet to read about an NDE'r who said he went to hell and met a certain fellow there named Satan. Which leaves a big question mark on how Christianity views the afterlife.

    So how did I manifest my divine-like powers? Even while asleep, I "knew" that my father had died when I felt the cold breeze. The time I felt it coincided with the time he died. The question now is, was it a case of my dad "visiting" me or was it a case of me, as Spirit, communicating to me physically the sad news of his departing? Because I believe that the astral shell, or the "ghost" as we call it, is actually an inanimate object that has no power nor will to communicate with the living, I go with the latter.

    I remember my wife telling me she communicated with "red dwarfs" one night when two of my kids were sick. This happened after a manghihilot came to our house and said there were red dwarfs around, and that we should not fear it because red dwarfs were "healing" dwarfs. This was new information to the wifey, and her story was actually her first account with red dwarfs. I concluded that had she not been fed the story about red dwarfs, she would not have "experienced" talking to them. I told her it was all in her mind, and that she might have merely thought so hard of her desire to free our kids from their illness.

    The next day, my kids got well.

    So who should I give credit to?

    PEACE :)
  • lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas MySola PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    buhay pa pala ang thread na 2.. :) well keep it coming guys *okay*
  • e2 ba para sa mainit na lugar lang? pano d2 sa baguio palaging my "cold breeze of air"?
  • Ghost hunters explain it this way: ghosts need to derive energy in order to manifest. Often this is done by extracting the heat from the surroundings (air, for example), which is why ghosts can be detected by thermal sensors.
  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sooo... they convert heat energy into what? perhaps we can replicate the energy conversion process they employ and put all our unwanted heat to good use.
  • ^They convert it into the manifestation.

    Be it an image (that which you see), a movement (moving a chair or a glass, for example), or a sound (speech, or otherwise).
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 Simplified. PExer
    It is 12:38 AM as I write this in the office where I work in the night shift and I just want to share my and my officemates eerie experiences here. We occupy a whole floor of a building in Makati which during daytime, comfortably houses 80 plus employees on the floor. But for the 10PM to 7AM shift it is only occupied by more or less a dozen people serving the US markets.


    Our lunchtime falls at around 2AM and 3AM but most of my officemates use that lunchbreak to doze off in other parts of the office floor. Several of my officemates favorite sleeping areas was a waiting area where there is a long soft couch. Several of my officemates who before race for their positions in the coveted waiting area no longer go there because of strange visitations while sleeping there. Stories of silouhettes, shadows walking by, voices mumbling, keyboards typing on its own, cellphones ringing but no missed/received calls and one even told a story of something or someone sitting on his chest.


    I am such a huge chickensh!t for the supernatural and would stay away from the waiting area now knowing that it is being frequented by other-worldly visitors. However I did have my share of experiences here in the office. I do have a sensitivity for such things but I only detect some manifestations passively or at the peripheral vision where I "detect" movement. Writing, this contribution, there have already been two "walkbys" by something I rather not pursue but all too frequently common. By "walkbys" I mean, I feel something or someone walking behind my back as if watching what I was typing and it casts a brief shadow / reflection on the monitor.

    As far as the cold feeling is concerned, the call center area itself is cold but for some reason it gets colder between 3 and 4am. Cold enough for me to wear my leather jacket plus a quilted blanket. :hmm:
  • renfieldrenfield Hold On to Innocence. PExer
    ah, finally i can talk about a topic like this. never really was one for ghost stories, dahil 'pag naririnig ko sa iba, parang hindi kapani-paniwala. madalas kasi "stock stories" lang eh. same old stuff, 'di ba?

    but a few weeks ago, i had the... er... luck of actually encountering a ghost. it was around 12:30 AM, and i was walking home from a friend's house. at one specific stretch of the road (which incidentally, eh wala naman rumors ng multo), may narinig akong babaeng umiiyak behind me. so i look back, and i see a woman wearing a red shirt and blue jeans (hindi white, sorry) (ayos 'no? me specifics pa. syiet, alam ko pa nga kung ano'ng klase ng shirt 'yung suot eh.), na nakatakip yung mukha ng kamay niya. i decided to cross to the other side of the road dahil naiilang ako, feeling ko, 'pag naabutan n'ya ko kailangan ko s'yang i-console. (i have a thing for crying women. kakaawa eh. women should not be made to cry!) ayaw ko namang gawin 'yun at baka masampal pa ako or something! (mukha daw akong serial killer eh! hehe) after i cross, lumagpas 'yung girl sa akin and right before my eyes, eh, nawala. no "mysterious puff of smoke", no "surprising scream", no nothing. kaya dedma lang ako, pero binilisan ko lakad ko. 'kala ko nga babalikan ako eh! funny thing is, yung part na yun ng kalye, maliwanag 'yung ilaw, tapos yung next section na super-dilim wala namang nagyari.

    to answer the question, sa kaso ko, there was nothing odd about the whole experience other than the fact na nawala 'yung girl sa harap ng mga mata ko--it wasn't cold or anything, 'tsaka wla namang kakaibang amoy, hindi rin naman nag-blinkblink 'yung ilaw nung lamppost. iniisip ko tuloy, baka naman pag multo ka, you could "control" the way you manifest.

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