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A ban on racing?

The other day I saw an article in the newspaper that GMA was about to sign an executive order banning all forms of racing. Sorry I can't cite the specific source but maybe there are others here who may have seen it also and can provide more specifics.

I think Marcos signed an order like this back in the 70's and it delivered a near-fatal blow to auto-racing in the Philippines. Now that we at least have the Formula 3, it's about to happen again.

Does this make sense to you?


  • Found it finally. From the Manila Times:

    Sunday, September 04, 2005

    Racing ban ready for GMA’s OK

    By Ira Panganiban, Correspondent

    THE order for the ban on all forms of motorsports in the country had been drafted and is now sitting on President Arroyo’s table ready for her signature, a source close to Energy Secretary Rafael Lotilla revealed to The Manila Times.

    The source, asking he not be named, declined to elaborate on the contents of the ban and how thorough the prohibition will be.

    On Friday Energy Under-secretary Peter Abaya said the order would just be a revival of the old martial-law edict of former President Ferdinand Marcos prohibiting all forms of races in the country. This covered all racing disciplines.

    Ace driver Pocholo Ramirez lamented the impending ban on Saturday, saying this would put a lot of people involved in the motorsports industry out of work.

    He said the move would kill the dreams of Filipino youngsters hoping to join and drive in the prestigious Formula One series.

    The Department of Energy’s move is part of President Arroyo’s campaign to save on fuel, the cost of which has been steadily rising in the world market.

    But racing organizations, in separate statements, said the energy department should do its math and find out if motorsports are really wasting a lot of fuel.

    Officials of the Asian Formula 3 series, one of the prominent racing events being held in the country, said one race on their circuit only consumes about 20,000 liters of fuel, equivalent to half a day’s consumption on traffic-jam-ridden EDSA.

    The Automobile Association of the Philippines intends to petition the President to rethink the ban or add more regulations to ensure more fuel savings.

    Abaya, a motoring enthusiast himself, said on Friday he will try to block the ban, saying this will only result in a worse scenario where illegal races are held and terrible accidents happen.
  • ano naman kinalaman ng fuel consumption & accidents sa motorsports. we will see more racers in the streets pag ban na yan.
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    "20,000 liters of fuel?

    there you go.. kinda plenty aint it? half a day sa edsa's probably worth 2000 vehicles. vs formula 3's 20?

    makes sense nga naman.

    though... yes. daming people are gonna be unemployed. and that's bad. imo.. this is kinda hasty and pointless.
  • this is so goddamned retarded!! fuel spent by race cars on a race weekend is so insignificant compared to fuel wasted by cars sitting in traffic all day. dont they realize there is a lot of revenue potential by bringing races into the country? the philippines would be less of a shthole if we had something fancy like formula one come here once a year.

    i think the administration is just so damned lazy..or just not smart enough to actually come up with REAL solutions about rising fuel costs.
  • will banning auto racing actually have any effects on prices at the fuel pumps???
  • Tifosi
    Tifosi 7 Zeit F1 Weltmeister
    Dami talagang retarded sa government natin tsk tsk. Before they look at banning all forms of racing, they should spend time thinking of ways of alleviating traffic in the Metro. That is the #1 fuel-waster.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    The more you ban this, the more it will happen---on the STREETS! I really don't see the logic. Mabuti pa si Usec. Abaya, malinaw mag-isip.

    The government is also far too short-sighted to see the potential of legitimate motor racing (either on circuits or drag strips) as a revenue generator for its greedy corrupt coffers. Sigh.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Another knee-jerk, ill-advised reaction. This is what killed our growing motorsport industry back in the 70's. If it were not for that ban back then i think we would have advanced much more in motorsports by this time; back then we already had legends in the likes of Dodgie Laurel (who has his own spot in Macau GP History).

    The problem back then was a fuel shortage and not the skyrocketing fuel prices we have now. I do think if they do the math, the amount of fuel motorsport uses is not enough to affect world and local prices. What's next? Ban the showing of F1 and WRC on TV?

    Start with your own government @sses, cut the crap and get those #!$#!%#!%#! politicians with their motorcycle escorts and back-up cars off the road. If anyone really wanted to seriously shoot them, those bodyguards wouldnt be much help really IMO.
  • i used to think people who rally on the streets, calling for GMA's resignations are just a bunch of jobless losers.. but now i agree with em!! i'll let GMA slide with rigging the elections, and god bless her soul that she did.. but i wont stand for this insanity!!

    the country was on the right track with the formula 3 and all that..and this had to happen? who does a guy have to kill to get into formula 1 in this country?
  • In fairness, GMA has not signed the order yet. She probably hasn't even heard of it. This is a DOE initiative.

    What really gets to me is how this EO is almost sure to be signed with very little public debate. There was an article on it in only 1 newspaper. And if you read the article carefully, it seems that it got publicized only through an anonymous source. In other words, a leak.

    Buti na lang Peter Abaya is there. I hope he can persuade his boss not to recommend the thing to GMA.
  • Dark_Fader
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    eto nnman po ang gubyerno natin... parang extended e-vat... imbes na i-improve ang pagkokolekta ng taxes, nagdagdag pa sila... lalong hihirap ang bansa natin... tapos etong ban sa racing... imbes na ibenta nila mga gas-guzzler cars ng mga taga-gubyerno, ipinapasa nila sa mga ordinaryong tao ang pagsasakripisyo na dapat sila muna ang gumawa...

    pakainin kaya ntin ng tigbe-bentesingkong barya tong mga opisyales ng gubyerno... panulak diesel :flog::verymad::furious::grrr:
  • huwaaaaat??!

    Ban RACING? Wala na ba silang maisip na ibang pagtuunan ng pansin, and more ways to save up fuel? Pati racing papatulan?

    Tsk, tsk...

    Sana this is just "hearsay" or "rumors" lang... Kasi even the source doesn't want to be named. :) o baka ikaw naman ang source, rational? :D

    GMA should try racing- kahit once lang- para malaman niya how it is. Baka ma-adik pa siya nyan...
  • sweetbaby! wrote:

    Ban RACING? Wala na ba silang maisip na ibang pagtuunan ng pansin, and more ways to save up fuel? Pati racing papatulan?

    Tsk, tsk...

    Sana this is just "hearsay" or "rumors" lang... Kasi even the source doesn't want to be named. :) o baka ikaw naman ang source, rational? :D

    GMA should try racing- kahit once lang- para malaman niya how it is. Baka ma-adik pa siya nyan...
    I'm about as far from being a government official as you can possibly be.

    It's kind of funny that only the Manila Times has carried anything on it so far. If you've been following some of the discussions in Academe, the credibility of the Manila Times is really rather dubious.

    I really hope this is just a rumor or that the whole idea has been squashed. An Undersecretary has come out openly against it, so maybe it really is dead now.
  • kenshinflyer
    kenshinflyer Super Combat Butler
    If GMA will ban racing, I'll strap her to the front of a nitrous equipped car and drive the car in full nitrous...jok

    Tsaka, meron pa namang R/C racing at M4WD, no?

    Just kidding---nothing's better than racing for real...
  • If GMA will ban racing, I'll strap her to the front of a nitrous equipped car and drive the car in full nitrous...jok


    DOE is certainly one of our best-run agencies!!!

    Energy chief shelves ban on motorsports

    By IRA PANGANIBAN, The Manila Times Correspondent

    The local motorsports community rejoiced Wednesday over the Department of Energy’s decision not to push through with its plan of banning motorsports races in the country.

    Energy Secretary Raphael PM Lotilla declared the decision during the Motorsports 14 Show at The Forum of the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City, as he acknowledged the growing industry and importance of Philippine motorsports.

    "We are definitely happy over his decision," said Johnny Tan, spokesman for the motorsports enthusiasts. "In return, the motorsports community vows [its] all-out support to the government’s energy-conservation program, and will participate and cooperate in any way in the implementation of the program."

    Heeding the appeal of racing lovers, Lotilla said banning motorsports races was not an answer to the rising cost of fuel prices, but instead sees the racing industry as an effective avenue to apply the government’s fuel-conservation program.

    "Instead, I will be seeking the support of the motorsports industry by promoting equally effective, alternative fuel such as ethanol-blend gasoline and coco-blend diesel," Lotilla said.

    "If we could entice consumers to use alternative fuel through motorsports races, then it will be a big help in reducing the importation of fossil-based fuel," he added.

    The motorsports community earlier wrote to Lotilla through Energy Undersecretary Peter Abaya, citing the importance and contributions of the racing industry to the country’s economy.

    It said banning motorsports races would result in job displacements and other related problems that could amplify the country’s economic problems.

    The letter was signed by motorsports leaders led by Asian Formula 3 chairman Ed Peña, Asian Karting Open Championship chairman Johnny Tan, Philippine International Karting Association president JP Tuason, Activity Asia Association chairman Jun Diaz, Race Motorsports Slalom president Bing Bang Dulce, Fil Gulfin of the BRC Drag Racing Festival, Oscar Aguilar of the National Touring Car Championship, Danny Santiago of the Auto Rally Club of the Philippines and motocross champ Glenn Aguilar, among others.

    The group cited RP motorsports’ contribution to the country’s tourism industry by bringing in international competitors and other foreigners to events hosted by the country, which translates into increased hotel accommodations, shopping, entertainment and other tourism-related earnings.

    Motorsports, it said, has also brought prestige and honor to the country, as it produced top caliber champions like Michelle Bumgarner, Glenn Aguilar, Tyson Sy, Dado Peña, Matteo Guidecelli, Pepon Marave and others.

    Moreover, the group said the motorsports disciplines of motocross, road race, rally, rallycross, drag race, slalom, 4x4 off road, touring car, karting, Formula Toyota and Asian Formula 3 would not consume 20,000 liters of gasoline a year.

    "Combining all these race activities, this industry consumes a very small quantity when compared [with] the fuel consumption during traffic congestion along EDSA in a day," it said.

    The group noted that motorsports is also the top exporter of skilled racing mechanics in Asia.

    "Filipinos are the most sought-after technical and mechanical crew, compared [with] other Asians," it said. "Foreign team owners and drivers prefer Filipinos to work for their teams because of their love for work and reliability."

    Motorsports also helps the automotive industry in its research and development, since the different races serve as testing grounds for the quality of automotive products such as engines, tyres and other racing materials, the group said.

    "The races help evaluate whether these products can withstand the worst conditions, giving the automotive industry the best avenue to achieve their goal of providing the best products and services not only here in the country but also worldwide," it added.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    All's well that ends well. :)

    I'll share the good news with HCP. :D
  • Dark_Fader
    Dark_Fader HachiRoku Crazy
    yahoo!!! karera na uli...

    kenon road, 10pm... downhill time trial... AE86 vs. R32 GTR... joke!!!

    seriously, good for racing people... not only the drivers, but the crew, the engineers, and all... the job is theirs to keep!!! :)
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