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dream journals

dixiewhiskeydixiewhiskey When Forever Comes Crashing PExer
anybody here who keeps regular dream journals? i've been trying to write down my dreams in detail when i wake up and try to analyze the symbols and meanings and the people who appear in my dream...

i've found a few dream anaylsis sites on the net with the dream dictionary things in them... but I don't know really... are these online dream dictionaries accurate? on some sites they say the symbols really depend on what the person means to them but sometimes the subconscious isn't that crystal f'n clear what these symbols personally mean to the person and blah... any help would be appreciated, thanks...


  • Well i do keep a journal of my Dreams everyday. This is something that I practice mainly because of:

    1) Keeping a Dream Journal gives you a better chance at being a good lucid dreamer (pls see lucid dreaming thread).

    2) for Symbolism

    i really don't bother having my Dreams analyzed in a site or by another person because IMO (& coming fr a psych background) i think that Dreams are our subconsious' way of giving us subliminal messages that we would otherwise reject in our conscious state.

    My piece of advice for you, don't take it too seriously. Don't bother with those insta-anything sites, try to analyze the objects in your dreams by getting a vague description of what they symbolize and then try to relate those symbols to your past/current/future situation or fears. If you think your subconsious ain't trying to be crystal clear then just jot it down and return to it after a couple of days, weeks or even years has passed... then maybe by that time you'll be able to grasp how those dreams relates to your situation, etc. Enjoy :)

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