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Lamborghini doors..

guys mga how much ba magpaconvert sa lamborghini doors dito? pinapatanong kse ng cousin ko sa states eh.. thanks!


  • joeldcloser
    joeldcloser D' PRO..HOORAH!
    $1500.00 for the door hinges alone,dont know about the labor.
  • i have only one thing to say about lambo doors: if you drive a 4 door saloon, or any other car that isn't mid engined..DON'T DO IT! :glee: only a few cars can actually pull off the lambo look with out looking completely ridiculous. just because it's possible, and you've the cash for it doesn't mean you have to do it. *okay*
  • I've seen some good looking "saloons" with Lambo doors. It just depends how good the shop is where you're getting it done and how much money you have to spend!
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