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The Rich Boy!!!



  • serendipity25serendipity25 LoLaTINniMAJA :) PExer
    Nickname: JB
    Name: Joseph Benedict Magsaysay
    Birth Date: July
    Birth Place: July 06, 1980
    Hobbies: Surfing, hanging out w/ friends, playing basketball
    Motto in life: Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
    Greatest fear: Being Alone
    Love is...: A bond between two individuals
    Describe yourself in three words: Outgoing, fun, interesting

    TV show: One Tree Hill
    Local/foreign actor: None
    Local/foreign actress: None
    Movie: God Father 1 & 2
    Movie line: “You know what this is. Say hello to my little friend”
    Musician: Bob Marley
    Song: Turn your lights down low
    Food: Japanese
    Cartoon character: Superman

    Batibot or Sesame Street? Sesame Street
    Sharon, Vilma or Nora? Vilma
    The Hunks or Backstreet Boys? The Hunks
    Bananacue or Turon? Bananacue
    Gwapong/magandang mahirap o panget na mayaman? Guwapong/Magandang Mahirap

    Anong itsura kaya ni Big Brother? Bossy
    Sinong Artista ang gusto mong maging housemate sa PBB? Jenny Hernandez
    Sinong Artista ang ayaw mong magiging housemate sa PBB? Mahal
    What kind of housemate you can't live with? Irritating, selfish, bossy
    If you will be allowed to bring a thing that is prohibited, what will it be? CD Player
    What will you do with the money if you win PBB? Venture into Business

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