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For all UMA FANS!!! This thread is for all...


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    A Half Filipino- Half Isaraeli
  • Bump for UMA! :spinstar:
  • übossyü wrote:
    Bump for UMA! :spinstar:

    Bossy, welcome to the Thread.. bagong tambayan..
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    Nickname: Uma
    Name: Uma Khouny
    Birth Date: July 11, 1981
    Birth Place: Israel
    Hobbies: Dancing and chatting
    Motto in life: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
    Greatest fear: Ghosts and cockroaches
    Love is...: Like Romeo and Juliet? They all end up dead
    Describe yourself in three words: Free-smart *****

    TV show: Game Ka Na Ba?
    Local/foreign actor:
    Local/foreign actress: Kris Aquino
    Movie: The Quille
    Movie line: I’ve stared into the face of evil, and I lived to tell the tale.
    Musician: Jerome Sala – nice voice
    Song: Sheryn Regis’ All I do best (I am in the video clip kase)
    Food: Any Thai dish
    Cartoon character: Sponge Bob Square Pants

    Batibot or Sesame Street? Sesame Street
    Sharon, Vilma or Nora? Sharon
    The Hunks or Backstreet Boys? Backstreet Boys
    Bananacue or Turon?
    Gwapong/magandang mahirap o panget na mayaman? Guwapong/Magandang Mahirap

    Anong itsura kaya ni Big Brother? Hmmm…Mataba at Matalino
    Sinong Artista ang gusto mong maging housemate sa PBB? Kris Aquino
    Sinong Artista ang ayaw mong magiging housemate sa PBB? Sandara Park
    What kind of housemate you can't live with? Wala naman, kaya kong mag adjust
    If you will be allowed to bring a thing that is prohibited, what will it be? My laptop, I love the internet
    What will you do with the money if you win PBB? First of all, without the money, im helping the street children near my place, San Juan. So if ever I win, I am sure they’ll be very happy for me and happy to have a nice christmas eve (Noche Buena) and of course, i'll give them clothes
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