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SMART & GLOBE are Abusing Us!

I’m also a victim, but this time by SMART :grrr: . Everytime I load my prepaid sim automatic na yan, dadating ang mga text na akala mo free. May ‘Download and Save Contents?’ message na akala mo no charge dahil wala namang naka-indicate na may charge pag in-accept mo. The other type of message is the Picture / Logo SMS. Dumadating na lang sya bigla at before you know it, nanakawan ka na ng SMART ng 15.00 ata (per logo). Kaya ang ginagawa ko, pagka-eload ko, pinapatay ko muna ang cell ko so that no SMART parasites would come, hoping that when I turn on my cell (usually after 15-40 mins!), wala na kong matatanggap sa kanila. Another thing that I hate is the fact that SMART don’t reply to my SMS balance inquiries. Syempre ayaw nilang ma-monitor natin ang load natin. :angry:

Nakakatakot ang future nating mga subscribers. Cellphones are so necessary these days that they’re like our fifth limb; leaving them home is like going out incapacitated. Nakakatakot dahil SMART and GLOBE can continue, and think of more ways, to ABUSE us consumers in the future. And we can’t help much to confront them because, sino ba naman sa atin sa panahon ngayon ang kayang magboycott sa paggamit ng cell?

I hope may paraan pa tayo to protect our rights as consumers. I hope DTI and NTC can help us. If not, I wouldn’t be able to help it but smile everytime rebels bomb cellsites. :bop:

Message from [email protected] on Wed, 24 Aug 2005 08:00:50 +0530

Subject: FW: Globe prepaid Exposed!!! (and SMART too!!!)

Ito ang scenario:
You will receive a promotional alert along with a free logo, icon, quote or picture message from 2346. However on the last line of the accompanying
advertisement it reads as: "REPLY NO TO STOP RECEIVING QUOTES, ETC FROM 2346." Of course since this is just an advertisement, most people won't even bother to read it. I-e-erase na lang.

Now if you don't reply "NO," you are automatically subscribed to the service. From then on araw-araw ka nang makakatanggap ng QUOTES
(P2.50/day), LOGOS/ICONS (P10-15/day), PICTURE MESSAGES (P5/day), RING TONES, etc. Imagine GLOBE has been doing this to millions of it's
subscribers and most of those people will just erase the message dahil advertisement lang naman s'ya, without even bothering to read it at all.
From then on, they'll be receiving this stuff everyday. some of them thinking it is free. Mare-realize na lang nila, nauubos na ang load nila mysteriously. Magaling ang taktikang ito na ginagamit ng GLOBE (I don't know if SMART and SUN have this.). They've stolen MILLIONS from us before we even know it. As of 2004, globe has 12 Million subscribers. Imagine they'll be doing this and charging the subscribers at say--let's put it at a fair P2.50/day to 5 million people-they get roughly 12 MILLION PESOS from the subscribers everyday. No wonder this company gets bigger every day. I don't know if
this has happened to you, but me, my younger sister and a friend of mine experienced it and I've called their customer support to stop them
sending me these stuff dahil kahit ino-OFF ko na, tuluy-tuloy pa rin s'ya which means tuluy-tuloy rin ang bawas sa load ko. And one more thing, if you
still don't know; BALANCE INQUIRY by calling 222 is not free anymore. Hindi man lang nagno-notify ang GLOBE na may bayad na pala. Ewan ko kung may nareceive kayong notification thru text or howsoever, pero ako and most of my friends wala kaming kamalay-malay, na-realize ko na lang na
nababawasan ang load ko just by calling 222 and nalaman ko na lang sa roommate ko na may charge na pala. Isa pa itong panloloko na ginagawa ng GLOBE. And how do you check BALANCE without charge? Text BAL to 222 Now to check kung kayo ay unknowingly and mysteriously subscribed sa mga "VALUE ADDED SERVICES" na hindi n'yo naman sinu-subscribe-an. Text CHECK to 2346 or 2364 or to whatever four digit number na nagpapadala sa inyo nang kung anu-ano na hindi n'yo naman hinihingi.

And if unfortunately this happens to you, kahit ino-OFF n'yo na ay tuluy-tuloy pa rin, call their Customer Support over at 211 nang makarinig sila sa'yo. I mean that. When this happened to me, halos inaraw-araw ko talaga silang minumura para lang i-OFF nila sa system yung mga ipinapadala ng 2346 and nagrequest na rin ako na i-bar nila lahat ng advertisements and promo alerts sa number ko. And I did the same nung nangyari rin sa kapatid ko.

TO NTC: Sana magkaroon ang option ang mga subscriber na i-OFF lahat ng adverstisements distributed by these networks because we subscribe to these network operators to be able to communicate not to receive JUNK Advertisements and Promotional Alerts. We will ask for a service when we need it.

MGA KAKILALA N'YO SA PANLOLOKO NA GINAGAWA NG GLOBE. I hope you'll forward this to all the people in your address book especially those who are using GLOBE. This is the best way users can disseminate this message, I hope you can find other ways. And if you know someone from NTC, their help will be very much needed and appreciated (I've sent a copy of this message to [email protected] and please don't hesitate to report your complaints to this email address).


  • [G]erald™[G]erald™ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    gratefully, hindi pa nangyayari sa akin 'yan.....pero NINANAKAWAN ako ng load ng Smart...bigla na lang nilang babawasan 'yung load mo.....one time, P30 ang binawas sa akin, na b w i s i t talaga ako......
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