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How to register a old junk car.

Me and my friends are starting a project,
PIMPIN' a '78 galant sigma.
still on process kasi nagiipon pa kami, were planning to enter it to a car show 2years from now. how can we register a car that has loss its registetration and we found out that it was last registered on '98. the owner gave it to us for only 10k, kasing mahal lng ng RC car ko!!!


  • Kailangan yata pa micro-etch iyong sasakyan sa crame, baka may history iyong kotse.

    Next hurdle is how can you get it to pass the emission test, without the emission test, LTO will not register a car.

    Does it still have plates? I had a car in the shop for a long time, our driver simply brought the plates to the LTO to have it registered, along with the photo of the car in the repair shop. But, this was prior to the emission testing being mandatory.

    Baka mas maganda is to surrender the plates, stopping the registration. When the car is finished, simply re-register it as a new vehicle with new plates. Just be sure to keep all the documentation (i.e papers) in a safe place.
  • corvax
    corvax es listo!!
    3 words - Maglagay sa LTO.
  • we still have its plates and registration. I have it check sa crame and its clear, next thing i do is we went to LTO and ask how much would we register this car including its 7yr penalty. and it tally around 9k. If we surrender the plates would we still going to pay the penalty? whats the process of registering a new car?
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