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would you date somebody from work and keep it fromyour guy...

was asked out by one of my officemates even though he's fully aware that am married...just wanted to have my opinion daw on a pair of pants and shoes that he's buying then he'll treat me out to lunch and movie if time permits... :naughty::)

anyway, to give you a backgrounder, we've been having this moments when you just know exactly what he wants and needs or parang may certain chemistry kayo na you don't have to be conscious of anything kapag nanjan sha...at first i thought it's just some sort of brotherly thingy kasi he would bring food for me and wait for me to have lunch together...we work in a call center and as the story goes, madaming tukso sa call center...i love my guy and am not attracted to this guy pero i feel protected and pampered with him...not saying that my guy doesn't do that, kapag nasa office lang naaalagaan niya ako...ano kaya yun, sisterly thingy den...kaloka.... :D :rolleyes:

haven't really told my guy about him kasi alam niya nga na madaming tukso sa call center baka iba pa isipin niya...been wanting to kaso nde ko alam kung panong approach na nde lalabas na am flirting behind his back... :confused:


  • i'm not really the best person to advice you on this one but i think its ok that you go out with him AS LONG AS your hubby knows about it (parang iba kasi if hindi niya alam dba?) and that the guy knows your loyal to your man. its usually as simple as that, your hubby will understand nmn (or hopefully he will) if you want to hang out with the guy as a friend cause we all have guy friends nmn diba, thats nothing unlikely.
    Be extra careful lang with the guy sometimes cause i do know some male friends who are ok with starting a relationship/affair with a married woman (kesyo gusto rin nmn daw nung girl and whatever excuse they want to believe in)
  • kaye_taraykaye_taray PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    thanks for that sis...actually, i'va already figured it out...he had a gf pala before and according to him i remind him of her...magaan lang den ang loob niya sa akin and i honestly told him na i was sensing nga na medyo special ang treatment niya sa akin...guilty naman daw sha talaga kasi nga parang naaalala niya ang gf niya sa akin pero he doesn't want to ruin my family naman daw...case solved...thanks sfor the advice anyway... :)
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