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powerbooks stickers

hey there

anybody know how to or has techniques removing powerbooks security tags (the ones inside the books mismo) and the really really sticky PB/national price tags without damaging the books?

Thanks... bad trip e ayaw matanggal hehe


  • Ako, I just peel it off very, very slowly and carefully; although sticky pa rin yung part na pinagtanggalan after.

    Pag tinatamad ako, pinababayaan ko na lang. It is just annoying how minsan tumutunog yung bag ko (dahil yung dictionary ko may sticker) everytime bumabalik ako sa bookstore.
  • Do you have hairdryer? Use that!!! Put the tip of the dryer right on top of the sticker, it will sorta melt the glue and make it easier to remove. I do this all the time. :) If not, wet a piece of cottonball (not dripping wet, ok? ) and just dab that damn sticker till it gets tired of sticking itself on the book, hehehe. But seriously, this one works as well.
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