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I need help regarding my english speaking proficiency...

Im sorry to ask this but is there a way for me to improve my english speaking ability via the internet? like reading free self-help guides and tutorials or free online courses that helps you improve your english speaking ability? Honestly Im still having problems with my english speaking proficiency, my primary problem is "thought organization" the loss of words when speaking or loss of vocabulary (i think)... is there a way for me to improve this flaw via self-help guides, online tutorials or online courses? anyone here who knows any resources?

And if ever theres no way the net can be of help, anyone here knows any tutorial center (ofcourse the cheapest and the fastest) that offers english proficiency courses at the fastest possible time? i.e. a few days or a maximum of one week.

BTW Im not doing this for any call center job application, I just wanted to improve my english proficiency because I had one terrible experience on a job interview due to my bad english.


  • read more, a lot more. watch a lot of CNN or BBC and try to emulate pronunciation and diction. practice makes perfect.
  • Practice, practice, practice is all I can say. Sure, you might stumble and make mistakes but you're learning and it's okay.
  • is it advisable to take an english speaking improvement course/lesson? and if it is then wheres the best place? the cheapest and the fastest? thnx for the replies.... BTW Ive been practicing but still loss of words and "thought organization" is still my problems... I knew of a "Contact Center Institute" that will help you improve your english speaking proficiency but Im not sure if it is worth it....
  • to the moderators please close this thread, Im about to transfer/post this thread to "The Working Filipino" section. thnx!
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