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My AqUaRiUm And My FaVoRiTe FisH

hindi naman malaki aquarium ko tulad ng sa friend ko. wala akong pera para gawing aquarium ang sahig ng first floor ng bahay namin.
but anyways, kahit maliit ang aquarium ko, maganda naman. realxing.
at ang fishes, karamihan goldfish. ayoko ng mga matatapang. buti pa goldfish, marunong kumilala ng amo. :D:):D


  • i've got a silver arowana which is already 2yrs old! marunong din syang kumilala ng amo! :)
  • ako rin.. maliit pa ang aquarium ko pero i plan to upgrade na kasi naglalakihan na ang mga fish ko (includes tiger oscar, albino oscar, texas, green terror, clown knife, and jaguar)..

    my favorite is my clown knife fish.. :)
  • Ehem....


    oh did i say that my fave fish is the DISCUS?
  • My aquarium is filled with Snakeheads, what a friggin' appetite these babies have.

    goth-home.gif Barely breathing
  • ZenZen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I don't have an aquarium but I really like those Blue Damsel fishes. love.gif Clown fishes are also cool. :)
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Moving this to the Hobbies and Recreation Forum...
  • I've got three extremely greedy featherback catfish, a pair of spotted plecostomuses (plecostomi?), and three kuhli loaches that never come out of the plants. All my fish are really big & still haven't stopped growing!

    I initially wanted a tank full of Rams, but I decided to get the fish I had instead, because my friend warned me off Rams -- they apparently aren't very hardy. I don't regret my decision at all. :)
  • ollagram_12ollagram_12 PEx Rookie ⭐
    hey chick-boy, are you keeping an arowana for luck?
    question: what fishes live in harmony with goldfishes? :D:):D
  • a lot of people say that arowana's are for luck!
    i just bought an arowana 'coz its so relaxing to watch it swim... it moves so gracefully... and it lives a for a long time... i think up to 10-15yrs! :cool:
  • we have a malaysian arowana.. one month pa lang sya.. actually, nagkaron kami ng silver and australian before.. 3 tin foil and 1 janitor ang kasama ng arowana namin.. meron din kaming maliliit at cute na mga isda.. nakakita na kayo ng glass fish? supercute noh?

    they say na hindi swerte ang goldfish kasi mabagal daw kumilos..
  • frenzyfrenzy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • Cyphotilapia Frontosa - These are the best cichlids. They can get pretty expensive though but they are really nice to watch.
  • mark_markmark_mark PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kailan ba dapat papalitan ng tubig yung aquarium? :)
  • Originally posted by mark_mark:
    kailan ba dapat papalitan ng tubig yung aquarium? :)

    This will depend on what fish you have...

  • My aquarium is about 35 Gallons. And my favorite fish is my angel fish. Cute kasi.
  • I don't have an aquarium (YET! :p) but i really like the Mandarin Dragonet... beautiful, beautiful, fish.

    i don't like arowanas... :)
  • A pack of piranhas...love 'em when they tear apart a goldfish

    ...and leave nothing behind :)
  • KapuTtKapuTt PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ako loves na loves ko malaysian gold arowana ko. ang cute cute niya kasi. 5 months old na siya now. i'm feeding him super worms o kaya maliliit na goldfish. balak ko din bumili ng mga oscars and lagay ko sa separate aquarium.
  • Well, we just have 3 goldfish living along with 2 Oscars. It's nice to have fed them since they were little. Now they are big and fat :)
  • mine3.jpg

    Eto po ang mga alaga ko, ranging from 2.5 inch to 5.5 inch.... ganda nohh?
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