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Dating disaster or dream date? Share your best or worst dating experience ever!

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  • Dating disaster or dream date? Share your best or worst dating experience ever!

    My worst date was my first blind date which I don't even want to remember it. I was waiting for him at Robinson's Galeria and I was expecting that he may be cute and nice. I told him that I was wearing a white skirt with blue blazer on top, suddenly THIS guy approached to me, "Miyako?" I was all shocked deep inside because he is WAYYYY out of my expectations --> dresses sloppy, un-ironed polo, face with pimples... and FAT! EEwww, all I can do is to be nice and smile..

    The worst part here is we watched "NOTHING HILL"... daaaang that was supposed to be a very romantic movie but all along, I was so distracted because he wanted to hold my hands!!!! So I kind of stayed a little bit of distance from my seat to his... He even came CLOSER just to meet my face! EEEwww!!! So I leaned on the other side so he wouldn't come near me. I didn't enjoy the movie AT ALL because of this SLIME BUG!!!!

    After the movie, we bid goodbyes and he called me at home.. and you know what I said, "I don't want to see or talk to you!!!" This is the worst part of my experience and now I know... BLIND DATE REALLY REALLY RUINED MY LIFE!!!! ugh...
  • worst dating experience?
    Pinipigilan ko pagubo ko kasi kakahiya naman dun sa kasama ko pero sa sobrang pagpipigil ko.. pumutok ang ubo ko as in obvious na malaking plema ang nakastuck hahaha.. sobrang hiya ko at to top it all sabi ng kasama ko "alam mo masarap yan lalo na kapag me tinapay!!" waaahhh
  • Worst dating experience was when I was set-up by my good friend to one of her kabarkadas. At first he was really nice, a gentleman and polite. We had a lot of things in common, but when he brought me home, he became cocky! Telling tales of how rich he is and his impossible shopping addiction, and that he was called 'Claude' by his friends because he had a 'muscled' body (which he doesn't by the way) It did not end there, we literally passed by his house(outside lang naman) to show me how big his place..

    Grabe, sobrang kayabangan!!
  • up to date.. this is the most humiliating date ive ever been in:

    my grandma wanted me to date a chinese guy.. so she set me up on a blind date with one of the grandson of her friend.

    setting: rob place manila, dinner/movie date

    we watched harry potter 3.. tapos after the movie we went to eat sa mangan.. he was texting while we were eating.. then my phone received a message... i saw that it was a message from him...

    "dude, i cnt w8 til ths d8 is ovr... shes so not cute..."

    dunno kung na wrong send sya or wht... pero i was so humiliated by that... nasabi ko na lang.. "Jerome, i think na wrong send ka.."

    nakita ko naman na nagulat sya... then dinner was very awkward.. then we went home na.. nag thank you na lang ako when he dropped me off...
  • gasolinegasoline PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I was on a sort-of-date with a guy friend (it was a party, he and his friend picked me up). There were a lot of drinking and talking and mingling.. I knew his friend was drinking. A LOT. But there's no one to take me home that night, so I rode with them with 2 of our friends (5 kami sa car). We were on our way to eat some lugaw (after party snack, para matauhan ang nagdadrive), but then this two girls riding with us keep on telling him what a good driver he is, and he's bragging about how he was trained to race. So we were in C5, we were supposed to take a left, but he's driving so fast. Pag kabig nya, BAM! bumangga kami sa maliit na poste, sumampa yung car sa island and me and my sort-of-date ended up having the worst case so they have to take us to the hospital.

    Ang nakuha ko sa "sort-of-date" na yun? Isang black eye, sangkatutak na pasa at sandamakmak na sermon. My sort-of-date had the worst injury, they have to take him in for the night cause he passed out.
  • Date: Somewhere in 2002, hehe :)

    I have a long chatmate whom I am very comfortable. And so, we decided to have an EB. Well, we were in SM North as her house is near that place. The only plan was to watch a movie. And that was just it. What's great about it? She is so nice and kind that we share the bill for our lunch, although I paid for the movie of course. That's an ideal date because she did not take advantage of my generosity and let me pay for the entire date, although I can.

    [email protected]
  • first time ko lng ulit makipagdate s ibang guy... nanood kmi ng sine at kumain.after that hinatid na nya ko sa haus.ok sya d sya tulad ng ibang guy na mabilis.masaya!!!!!
  • last date ko uhmmmmm... ah ok... with my friend i txt her kung free siya mamaya paglabas ng office nya then.. sabi ko watch kami movie after that nagstay kami sa coffeeshop wala lang usap usap... hehehe... then i gave her a necklace la lang.. gus2 ko lang... then hinatid ko sa haus nila yun lang,,,
  • A date on the roof top restaurant of a five-star hotel with sweet music playing while I romantically saying the words "Will you marry me".
  • Dating disaster or dream date? Share your best or worst dating experience ever!

    I remember that was my first date. Kasama ko pang mga barkada ko with their partners. Nanood kami ng sine at syempre gusto ng ibang barkada ko hiwa-hiwalay kami ng upuan. Yung date ko sa una sinabihan nya ako kung pwede daw akong makipag holding hands at pumayag naman ako kasi holding hands lang naman un. Then after non habang busy ako sa panonood ng movie bigla syang nagtangkang halikan ako sa lips, syempre nagulat ako kaya ako napasigaw (ang lakas ko pa namang sumigaw.... hehehe). Nagtinginan ang mga tao sa lugar namin at nakita ko sa mukha nya ang pagkapahiya. Sa hiya nya sa ginawa ko sa loob ng sinehan nagyaya na syang umuwi na kami at ako naman tahimik na lang, guilty sa ginawa ko sa pagpapahiya sa kanya (naman kc nagulat ako first time ko kasing makipagdate at during high school days ko pa yun graduating ako at conservative..... hehehe). After naming makauwi nagsorry ako sa kanya at sabi nya ok lang naiintindihan nya ako. Salamat at naging understanding sya.

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  • aina_crazy_girlaina_crazy_girl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    On our second date, he brought me to La Primavera in St. Francis Square. It was the first time I ate baked oysters. Once the waiter had served the scrumptios-smelling oysters, I took one and ate it right away. I didn't notice the steam rising from the hot flesh and chese and I really painfully burned my tongue.

    Since I wanted to keep my composure, I didn't spit it out or gulp down the wine in front of me. I just kept it in my mouth and kept quiet. I didn't know that my face had gone beet-red and that tears were involuntarily welling up in my eyes.

    He asked if I was okay and I nodded, smiling. After swallowing that bit of oyster, I got more and this time, ate them slowly; making sure they were not too hot.

    That date made us fall in love with each other.

    Woofers (aka Brian. He's a member of PEx.)and I have been together for four years now.

    Oh, and we still eat baked oysters. From Via Mare this time because La Primavera had already closed. Oysters are very special to us.

    [email protected]
  • Dating disaster or dream date? Share your best or worst dating experience ever!

    hindi nman masyadong disaster ung date ko na un....pero memorable in way. nanood kami ng korean horror movie, syempre kasama ko ung isa kong friend at bf nya. sa loob ng movie house..bad trip ung mga estudyante (yata) na nasa harap namin nakaupo. pag-kwentuhan ba nman ung movie....alam kong mejo hirap ma-ejoy ung movie lalo na at foreign language, magre-rely ka na lang sa subtitle. pero di nman tama na pag-kwentuhan ung movie di ba? di nman sila masita nung friend ko kasi sinaway sya nung bf nya....nung di na ako makatiis; tinapik ko ung isa sa kanila...sabi ko kung magku-kwentuhan lang kayo...pls sa labas na lang...nahihirapan kasi kaming maintindihan ung movie. tumahimik nman sila. :) after nun nagtawanan bigla ung mga kasama ko.....may topak daw ako pati daw ba ung mga bata patulan ko.....hehehe pasensya sila, gusto ko kasi ung movie eh. sabi nung ka-date ko....mahirap daw pala akong magalit....after that...di na kami naulit pang lumabas...hehehe natakot? :D:D:D
  • I had this phone pal before when I was in college. I can't remember anymore how we became phone pals but he was a friend of my best friend's boyfriend.

    Anyways, I was studying in Baguio then so we'd call each other long distance sometimes. And at some point I convinced him to come see me in Baguio so we could finally meet.

    I wasn't expecting naman na gwapo sya or anything, but he wasn't even close to what I would call acceptably average... and I'm not that kind of a mean person. Besides, it was obvious that I wasn't his type either.

    Hay nako... that was like a wasted day for me. Talo nga lang sya kasi sya nagbiyahe pa papuntang Baguio to see me. :glee:

  • when i met my current "boo"...

    it was our first time to meet after being phone pals for two months... she texted me and gave me a spot where we could meet... then i called her to know her exact location. as i was about to take a look at the spot that she said which is on the other side of the road, a jeepney passed by, then suddenly it's like time paused for a while... i saw her standing at the other side of the street holding her phone, talking to me... we both ran to each other and gave each other our most memorable hug!

    what's sweeter than that? our favorite song was playing on the background... what a coincidence ei?

  • dating disaster??

    its not actually my date..to begin with but it ended up to be mine...
    my friend in college had a chat mate..and they decided to meet up...
    etong si friend ko...gs2 sumama ako saknya..baka daw kasi psychotic yun guy..so sige sumama ako...the guy was supposed to be 5'8" fair complexion...and 22...18 lan kc kme nun time na yun...kaya 22 men were hot pa for us...so yun..meet kame...the minute we saw the guy..i mean...ewwwwww tlg...he wasnt 5'8"...he wasnt fair..he was like an over toasted bread...and he didnt look like 22...more like 32!!! my friend decided to sit far from the guy..so ako napunta sa gitna nila...and over dinner my friend didnt even had a real conversation with the guy..kaya ako yun knakausap nun guy..haaay tlg..Jos ko... parang gusto ko tumakbo palabas ng resto..at hilahin sa buhok ang friend ko...tas the guy asked pa for my number...xempre hnd ko bngay yun sken..hehehe....
    basta..that date taught me 3 things...
    1. NEVER have a chat mate
    2. NEVER go on a blind date...
    3. NEVER accompany a friend ona blind date

  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    mine's not actually a worst date. maybe i can consider it the best date of my life:

    days before the scheduled date, we were chatting on YM. we found each other interesting when it comes to conversation so we decided to meet up for a date. the day came and since it was winter that time, we met up inside Walmart and afterwards rode the bus going to the mall. we were both bundled up as snow pours outside. we felt excited that moment since it was our first time to date each other and we had a light conversation while in the bus.
    upon arrival at the mall, we headed to the movie ticket booth and got ourselves a couple of tickets for the movie Love Actually. After the movie, we decided to sit for a cup of coffee each, and more time for conversation. we got to know each other more, and revealed to each other a lot of things about ourselves--- our past, and our future plans. we had quality time together--- a very fruitful conversation together over a cup of coffee each, while its too cold outside.

    then time for us to go back home, we waited for the next bus scheduled to arrive and while waiting, a woman approached us in the bench where we were waiting, and since there was no more seat available, my instincts told me to offer my seat to the woman. my date was silent but smiling. i was smiling too coz the woman looks familiar from our church. i even greeted her while she approached us. the bus came, the three of us took the same bus. my date seated in the middle, and there she wisphered "she's my mom..." right then and there i gasped but kept my composure intact. :glee: along the way, the woman (her mom) was asking us questions, more on questions that inquire about meeting me for the first time. it turned out that my date was mentioning me to her a few days before we went out on that specific date.

    so when we all got home, i immediately called her to ask what her mom thinks of me. she said i was ok with her and that date eventually did not end there, it was followed by more dates. and that date of mine is now my girLfriend... :beam:
  • cookiepaocookiepao PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hahaha,,,i want to post..

    i just want to share and recall my prom date when i was a junior high stude back in 2000..prom was feb 13, 2001.....my friend actually volunteered to get me a prom date 2 weeks prior to the prom..... a week before the prom, i started texting him asking if there's progress or something...no reply from him.. no calls too... tas like 2 days or a day before the prom, i resorted to the most hideous(to me, yes!) idea.. i settled with a blind date who i shall meet on the day of the prom, at the hotel.....and so, the prom day came, i was at the lobby of the hotel with my friends....then my friend's date came...he was tall around 5'10....along with a, uhm, friend, who is like around 5'2 (im not sure!) turns out that, that little guy there is my BLIND DATE for the prom!! hahaha, okay im not tall, im only 5'2 also but i had to wear like almost 3inches heels coz of my long gown right? and so, my "DATE" looked like a little kid beside me, and when it was time for prom pic taking, the photographers had to make my date stand on like 3 or 4 PLDT Directory books just to look a bit taller than me for that night! :D hehehe the souvenir was, a small box containing 2 rings..one for me and one for the guy..but the guy's ring is too big for him! even the girls' ring is too big for him, and so i didnt give him one.. i kept it to myself...oh well, too much for that unforgettable prom date...hey, prom is just once in a lifetime, and yet it mde an impct..;)
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