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my neighborhood.....pls need advice...

gni2 kc un.....i hve a neighbor n mtgal n nming crush ng sis q...dti idedma lng me s knya actually nkkijoin lng me sa kilig ng sis q....kc that time i have a bf and mdlas q din mkita n my ksama xa girl...kya wla me gano interest about him...but later on....cnbi skin ng sis q n wla n nga daw cla ng gf nya.....i dnt knw pro prang nexcite aq...d q lam kung bkit...cguro its just dat dumaan me sa depression nung ngkhiwalay kmi ng bf q...prang gs2 q lng uli mging hapi...den i txt him...pro indi nya alm n aq ung neighbor nya...i changed my identity....as in lhat...ang msam dun xa he almost tell everything about him...ung truth...sobrang honest.....d q 2loy alm kung anu ggwin q....should i tell him the truth....kya lng nhhiya n aq...pls help.... :hmm:


  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    girl, i would appreciate it if next time you'll post, you'll maximize the use of your keyboard, pex doesn't limit naman the number of charcters you'll type here. and the mere fact that we're taking time to read your post, the least that you can do is to be considerate sa eyes namin :)

    on with your story, well, you might as well admit it to them (i'm assuming that your sis doesn't know anything about it either---you texting the guy and all), damage control na din.

    you have to be responsible for what you've done, sooner or later they will get to discover it anyway.

    you're just looking for some distraction, sabi mo nga, sad ka lang ngayon, it will pass:)
  • golden tammarawgolden tammaraw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    true that i agree be true to him badtrip pag nalaman kong ganun pla sinungaling yung girl
  • tell the truth habang maaga pa..

    chaka tell him the reason why you have to change your identity, cguro naman may valid kang reason
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