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Favorite TV shows of all time

What are your favorite tv shows of all time?

here's some of mine:

Remington Steele - i love stephanie zimbalist. laura holt was just the greatest. and pierce brosnan was not bad to look at.
Desperate Housewives- great writing. amazing acting, particularly by the amazing marcia cross.
Bewitched- classic.
The X-Files- Mulder and Scully had insane chemistry. this show was so addicting.
Melrose Place- gen-x.
C.S.I.- ground-breaking. great writing and acting.
Star Trek: The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days Of Our Lives
Once and Again
Gilmore Girls
Mad TV
I Love Lucy
The Sopranos

i'll think of more...

anyways, post your favorites!


  • coZeecoZee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the simpsons!

  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    all-time favs:

    the night stalker
    baa-baa blacksheep
    star trek
    the world at war series
    i love lucy
    the bob newhart show
    mission impossible
    embassy features, whether from japan, UK or germany
    the simpsons
    wait till your father gets home
    little house on the prairie
    that's incredible
    real people
    the saint
    the love boat

    current favorites:

    cold case
    desperate housewives
    medical investigation
    top gear
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    current favorites:

    1. Gilmore Girls- need I say more?

    2. Amazing Race

    3. Survivor

    4. Desperate Housewives

    5. 24
  • 1. Seinfeld - best ever


    2. The Simpsons
    3. The Sopranos
    4. Late Show With David Letterman
    5. The X-Files
    6. Murphy Brown
    7. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    8. Late Night With Conan O'Brien
    9. RAW/Smackdown
    10. i'd be dishonest if i wouldn't include American Idol - cheesy but entertaining
  • can i list down pinoy tv shows?

    1. Iskul Bukol
    2. Cafeteria Aroma
    3. PBA
    4. Student Canteen
    5. TODAS
    6. Champoy
    7. TVJ
    8. Death Row
    9. Budoy
    10. Ating Alamin
  • The Wonder Years
    The Simpsons
  • doolfreak_bigedoolfreak_bige PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    2. 7th Heaven
    3. Oprah
    4. Desperate Housewives
    5. Friends
    6. Sex and the City
    7. The Practice
    8. Ally Mcbeal
    9. Days of our lives
    10. American Idol
    11. 24 (even if it gives me migraines...hehehe)
    12. Bewitched
    13. Murphy Brown
    14. Survivor (except all-stars)
    15. The Amazing Race
    16. Will and Grace
    17. Adventures of Alex Mack
    18. Saved by the Bell
    19. Mission Impossible
    20. Wok with Yan
    21. Perfect Strangers

    Local shows:
    1. Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay
    2. Palibhasa Lalake
    3. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata
    4. John and Marsha
    5. Buddy en Sol
    6. home along da riles
    :) dami pa!
  • Friends
    CSI Las Vegas
    Sex and the City
  • 1. The Sopranos - simply because it's the milestone in 1999 that triggered the creation of other 'intelligent' TV Drama series on other networks. And still, the show continues to rock!

    2. Joey - Sorry, I haven't got the 'urge' of watching Friends non-stop like this one. I LOVE DREA DE MATTEO!

    3. Lost and Desperate Housewives - a tie, and I watched them both at the same span of time. The former is very mysterious and intriguing. While the latter is damn funny!!! (eedie(?) is sooo sexy)

    4. Roswell - Well back then, I love this show simply because of the mix of paranormal and teenage drama. Made it only go down because as seasons progressed the spice declined as well.
  • not in order.. :p

    1. charmed
    2. tru calling
    3. friends
    4. joey
    5. roswell
    6. americas next top model
    7. will and grace
    8. survivor
    9. tar
    10. smallville
    11. buffy
    12. angel
    13. clarissa
    14. even stevens
    15. thats so raven
    16. gilmore girls
  • 1. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES / ALIAS - tie ito sa top spot sa akin, i mean these two shows have excellent writers, cast, and production design. And so many hot ladies! :lol:

    2. SMALLVILLE - the one and only sci-fi series i have seen. great plot, great story, great cast.

    3. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS - hey, we all need our second childhood! hahaha

    4. NIP / TUCK - the smartest show ever to hit TV. i mean, lahat ng season finales are A-OK. dami brilliant plot twists. minus points lang sa gore. i hate blood :)
  • My favorite foreign tv show is Maximum Exposure. Laugh trip, kaya lang wala na akong nakikitang bago na episodes.
    Sa local naman, Strangebrew. I miss this show.
  • survivor - i've followed all 10 seasons even though there were a couple of lackluster ones... looking forward for the latest one

    other favorites:
    dawson's creek
    buffy the vampire slayer
  • the sopranos

    south park

    the simpsons

    the wonder years

    the famous teddy z.


    perfect strangers

    full house

    growing pains
  • Attic Cat - My Fave Koreanovela of all time
    Anna Liza
    Eat Bulaga
    Mission Impossible
    Wonder Woman
  • Lyds wrote:
    Attic Cat - My Fave Koreanovela of all time
    Anna Liza
    Eat Bulaga
    Mission Impossible
    Wonder Woman

    ano yung Anna Liza? :) local ba yun? naaalala ko lang is Anna Luna. :)
  • padagdag sa list...

    JUST FOR LAUGHS - never fails to make me laugh my *****$ off
  • bob_0820 wrote:
    ano yung Anna Liza? :) local ba yun? naaalala ko lang is Anna Luna. :)

    Yung kay Julie Vega.
  • misfits of science (darn, i miss this show!)
    knight rider
    sex and the city
    CSI Las Vegas
    amazing race
  • nice...i'm such a couch potato!

    the nanny
    home improvement
    the muppet show
    sesame street
    remington steele
    friday the 13th
    twilight zone
    the x files
    the pretender
    the simpsons
    the profiler
    quantum leap
    ally mcbeal
    the charmings (any one remember this?)
    even stevens
    clarissa tells it all
    murphy brown

    hmmm....too many to mention! :) current shows...hmmm, it's tough to decide, these old shows are tough acts to follow. :D
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