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if ur parents were to buy you a car as a gift.....what would you ask ur parents.....a BMW or a MERCEDES???

therse two cars have been rivals ever since...they have the same quality and they come from Germany...what would you choose? and why?


  • derfor
    derfor Lovely day.
    Kung hindi 5 or 7 series na bmw, mercedes na lang, mas classic eh and it's bigger too. Ang ganda ng s series!
  • batang uliran
    batang uliran Administrator
    Personally, I would prefer an Audi A8 Quattro. Great classic looks, spacious interior, wonderful engine and of course, the all weather, go anywhere Quattro system.
  • i drive a BMW 540i and have also tried it's counterpart M-Benz E class. both cars are wonderful in comfort and agility. one major difference that i noticed besides style of course is the handling. The Benz is so light to drive allowing only minimal effort to the driver. it's so comfortable to the point that you feel you can drive it the whole day without getting tired.

    the BMW on the other hand gives more control to the driver very responsive but you have to exert a little more effort compared to the M-Benz. whichever you want is just a matter of preference. i like the BMW because of it's sporty looks and less conservative style.

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  • nix
    nix Administrator
    For me, it really depends on the series.

    BMW 3-Series vs. Benz C Class : I would go for the BMW here. The new 3-series rocks!!! Mercedes should remodel their aging C-Class line (Do they still make it?)

    5-Series vs. E-Class: I would go for the E-Class for sheer aesthetic appearance alone. The E-Class has a classic round-eyed look that has been copied by several car manufacturers after its release.

    7-Series vs. S-Class: The new S-Class Benz looks super cool!!! It has the sporty looks of its SLK Sports Cousin and the drive and feel of a top notch luxury car. My friend's dad has one and they just absolutely love it.
  • don
    don es muy guapo, ese!
    BMW, of course. Kung ida-drive kong solo 'yon, oks lang. Pero kung ida-drive kong mag-isa yung Mercedes, baka mapagkamalan akong (no offense!) chauffeur.
  • bumping to the top.
  • I'd want to have a BMW 3-series. A Benz is a car that needs a chauffeur, and I prefer not having a driver.

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  • i love the new 4x4 mercedes has out achaka yung 4x4 din ng lexus...pero i don't mind getting either one basta ba gift at libre eh...
  • ey folks, get real !
  • Flare!: We are.

  • Get real? I am being real.

    This is a discussion board. Anybody in PEx can post whatever topic they want to within bounds of decency. Please don't put anybody down just because you personally feel the topic is unrealistic. Some PEx posters, in reality, CAN afford to buy a BMW and a Mercedes.

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  • Truth be told that i wince and get goosebumps with discussions such as above. It gives me a sad realization that nothing has changed with the Filipinos' view with regards to material things and luxuries.

    The world is more than just cars, perfumes, car phones, restaurants, salons.....and all the other nonsense discussions you have here. Nothing but incessant chatterings of a bunch of silly teenagers with no realistic outlook about life, but what's gonna be the next gimmick on Friday night or which more expensive item should be bought next.

    No, i am not trying to question your pocket's capability to purchase one, two or three BMWs or Mercedes. Undoubtedly most of you can purchase the whole company itself. LOL!
    But would you understand the idea of my comment to get real if i will tell you that a simple Civic, Acura, or Spyder can comparably transport you safely around Manila? Automobiles are just a means of transport, am i right? So why spend all your hard-earned money on a four-wheel luxury, when you can spend them wisely on your education maybe, or more appropriately, on charitable institutions which greatly need your dormant pesoseses in helping the needy and the poor?

    Now, let's not be self-righteous, coz i hate that.

  • BMW!!!
  • Mikoid
    Mikoid Administrator

    Who's being self-righteous?

    I disagree with your thesis entirely. For me, automobiles are more than a means of transport -- if they were, I'd have sold my Toyota long ago.

    I truly enjoy driving a fast car with excellent handling. There's a feeling of exhilaration when you can blaze down a highway at 200kph, and your car still has enough power to go even faster! Or careening up a mountain road, shifting gears to get more power out of the engine.

    The people who post in this topic - driving enthusiasts, most likely - appreciate this experience. These are people who relish the driving experience and are willing to pay good money for it.

    Here's a thought. How much money would you need to have to buy a P2 million Audi A4 Turbo (my dream car)? Definitely much more than P2 million, as the car's price would have to come from disposable income. You'd probably need a net worth of at least P20-30 million to think about getting one, and much more than that if you're planning to get one for your kid.

    To afford a luxury car, you'd need to have plenty of money leftover for your family, their education, your home, and even charities.

    I hate to say it, but people with money won't hurt buying an expensive car. It's just a really expensive toy that makes a negligible dent in their financial standing. They buy them because they can afford the luxury, not because they need to reflect their status superficially.

    - Mikoid

    PS -- As for what you claim to be "nonsense discussions", please have a look at the Isyu ng Bayan forum for substantial discussion on issues. Perhaps you can contribute your thoughts on social issues there.
  • Lots of people may want to post in this thread:

    1. the super rich who earn a lot, give away a lot and would like to purchase a nice car.

    2. the corporate executive who receives one of these cars as a company car.

    3. the not so rich who would rather buy a nice car than do the more altruistic things you mentioned.

    4. the car enthusiast who would rather buy a used MB or bimmer at a cheaper cost than a civic.

    5. the dreamers in us who read various car magazines and hope to own one of these brands one day.

    My point is PEx is for all these people. They may not be the richest, the poorest, the most charitable, the most helpful people around but each and every one of them can post here if they like. They are as real as you or me and their opinions, yours included, are welcome here.

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  • Owning a nice and expensive car sometimes reflect the personality of a person. Each one of us has his or her own different choices and styles.

    To own a Mercedes or BMW, or a Honda, Toyota, or any lesser quality of a car does not necessarily affect our being a good person inside.

    If one can afford to buy the most expensive and luxurious car, then let him have it! We can dream, can't we? The fact of the matter remains that it is one's own prerogative.

    now...let me see, bmw or mercedes? oh, it's too difficult to choose! i will just have my lexus... :)


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  • And Mikoid, you are right about the A4 - have owned one for 3 years now (the 2.8L Quattro version) and it drives and handles like a dream.
  • Don't worry Flare! Most of these guys wouldn't know a BMW from a water buffalo.

    They are merely trying to impress the chickee-poos. It's must be working since they seem to be enthralled.
  • Ideas, no matter how profound or outlandish they may be remain to be personal.

    My ideas may not be right all the time, but they are still mine.

    Someone who has a different view compared to yours shouldn't be accounted as threatening. Not everybody will agree on one idea all the time. And it is also false to believe that a person can be coerced to embrace an idea just as so acceptance and harmony can settle in.

    Contradiction. Arguments. Debate. Discussions. Ranklings.

    These are just some of the factors that make forums such as this experience color, sparks and fire. Nodding to a single opinion would be too dry with no luster in sight.

    I remain to ponder why my comment to get real has been taken so outrageously out of content. LOL! From someone who has gone out to the REAL world, luxury and extravagance are two words that are farthest from my mind.

    barako>;>;>;>;>;>;>;i have yet to find out if you are who i think you are. care to give me a hint?

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