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Arrangement of books in your shelves

CoolCucumberCoolCucumber PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
How do you arrange yours? Do you arrange them according to author, genre, etc?

I'm asking because my Stephen King's beside Harry Potter... my Helen Fielding's (chick lit author) beside Ghost Soldiers... my Mr. Ripley books are beside Nien Chieng's Life and Death in Shanghai... in short, what I have is a totally chaotic bookshelf! :lol: How about yours?



  • Interesting question! :)

    I arrange it by author, since I usually have several books of a particular author. Then, the rest I arrange by genre. Then, by size.

    I know it is too weird. :D
  • Initially I only had one small bookshelf so I had to stack some books in the back...I arranged them by genre then impact on me, then by author and series. But now that I finally got a stand-alone bookshelf I've been having trouble figuring out what to do with all the space...I arranged them by size na lang first. :D
  • By genre first, (Biz, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Gen Fiction etc..) Then by author, then by series/publication date.
  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Our books are arranged according to ownership. Come to think of it, I have the most books in the house mostly art and coffee table books such as Expos?\, d'Artiste, and Elemental series as well as a number of "Making of..." books (ie. Making of Final Fantasy, Japanese Game Art, Lord of the Rings, etc.) and warfare, and yes, including cook books. My wife's into fantasy, travel, and Feng Shui, while our kid has a number of short stories, fables, and tall tale books that I read whenever I put the little one to bed. :D
  • CoolCucumber: eh anong katabi ng danielle steel mo? :glee:

    By genre

    shelf 1:business and self-help books
    shelf 2: fantasy and children's lit
    shelf 3: chick lit
    shelf 4: bestsellers

    *but this was eons ago. now it's total chaos, i just stick 'em in in where they can fit :teehee:
  • by the size of the books, it doesn't matter what are the genre and the author...
  • ako by the size and value of the book :teehee:
  • by size. pero if they're all the same size (almost all my books are the same size eh), they're arranged by author's name (in alphabetical order).:)
  • the arrangement is by size
    hardbound and trade paperback books go first while the mass paperback books are scattered all over
    I have one shelf reserved for my trashy romance novels though
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    My shelf has 10 sections kasi. Yung isa bale parang Filipiniana na ewan kasi nahaluan na ng ibang libro. Yung isa naman dapat para sa mga hardbound/2nd hand kaso nahaluan na rin. I used to arrange them by size kasi konti pa rati ang libro ko. :D

    SiOMS: Stephen King's The Green Mile and Earnest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls :teehee:

  • lessee....

    one shelf for books to be read or re-read or started to read.

    another shelf for large paperbacks and hardbound lit books i mean to read.

    the one in my bathroom, for some reason, has "the dictionary of misspelled and mispronounced words" and "the handbook of sign language," among others.

    the one in the basement, which is the repository of books i've read, has 2 layers. the ones at the front are my favorites. i try to stack them by author, but they just get mixed up again.

    so, in answer to your question: i think my books just wander around when i'm not looking.
  • I arrange my books by size (from biggest to smallest). But this thread inspired me to arrange my books by genre. :D
  • i'm OC, so when i was starting out my library it was arranged according to genre. now i have quite a sizeable collection, so now it's arranged by...
    - genre
    - author
    - date of publication/chronological
    - by favorites (favorites get displayed in front)
    - size/hardbound vs paperbacks


    but now i have no more space on my shelves, so i have to content myself with just stacking them accdg to date of purchase -- at least the new ones :D
  • i arrange my books by author. ung mga favorites ko and ung recently acquired nasa front pero madalas kasi nawawala na sya sa ayos eh.hehehe... so many books, so little space...kaya ung mga ibang books ko nilalagay kung sn na lng sya pede magkasya.
  • by genre and then by author and then by favorite. sometimes though i rearrange my books instead of by favorite, nagiging by publish date or even sometimes, alphabetically arranged. pero pag ganun kasi, nagkakaroon ng bungi bungi yung shelf. so mas nagiging by favorite sya. yan eh for my paperbacks.

    now on the other hand, my manga and comics collection are arranged by title and volume.
  • i arrange my books by genre, ex. business then sub-categories nya ex. marketing or management (and alphabetical sila. kapag fiction naman, genre then author (james patterson) then (alphabetical) title ng book ( 'big bad wolf' before 'pop goes the weasel'). but since may series na sya (women's murder club) baka maglagay ako ng subcategories. ang OC 'no!? hehehe

    how do you arrange your magazines? mine is, topic then title (alphabetical) and then by edition...hehehe...badtrip lang kasi hindi magkasya sa bookshelves ko yun mga magazines kaya nasa ibang room sila nakalagay.
  • undauntedundaunted PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    by author :)
  • random lang if same sizes ng paperback pero usually by author or genre
  • i use the dewey decimal system ;)

    nah. my bookshelves reflect my disorganized interests. hehehe
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