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Romantic / Sweet ideas to do for a partner

Hi Peeps, share naman kayo ng mga romantic or sweet ideas na pwedeng gawin for a partner.


  • lahat naman sweet basta magkasama kayo ng girl, pero kung hindi ka type ng girl...its a different story, hindi na sweet yun, lahat ng gagawin mo pwedeng ika-irita niya.

    try this
    1. sing a song for her kahit sintunado ka,if youre a singer its a big plus
    2. give her flowers as often as posible
    3. treat her to a nice and expensive restaurant save-up for this.
    4. go out of town(eto ang mas sweet)
    5. lend her your jacket if its cold
    6. write a poem for her
    7. text her every hour(wag to baka makulitan siya, pero pwede rin)
    8. buy her a stuff toy
    9. buy her jewerly(if you can afford it) a bracelet or necklage will be very much appreciated.
    10. remember your aniversary
    11. surprise her with something unusual
    12. go to the market together
    13. watch movie together
    14. watch tv together
    15. share a meal together tell her it is just for sweetness sake (pero deep inside its for the economizing sake..hahahaha)
    16. just do things together, kiss her pero wag bulgaran (konting finese naman) at baka pagmalan kang manyakis.
  • 1. tell him you love him/her in an unexpected time and place.
    2. stare at him/her paminsan-minsan kapag tinanong ka bakit mo siya tinititigan sabihin mo lang "Wala lang,sabay sabi ng I love you"
    3. give him/her things na maliit pero alam mong maapreciate niya and tell him/her the meaning of that small thing.
    4. hug mo siya tight na hindi naman siya masasakal or maiipit pero mararamdaman niya ang warmth at sincerity mo.
  • I guess, basta kasama mo un special someone mo kahit mga ordinary things lang un ginagawa nyo together.. sweet pa din ang dating.

    But, If u really want to make it special..I guess dapat kilalanin mo sya mabuti. I mean, u should know her interest, what makes her happy or excited, and then surprise her. I mean, wat others find romantic might be too baduy or too cheesy for her taste, right? ;)

    Like me for example, I would really find it soooperr sweet and romantic if the guy I like ask me out, and then he'd pretend that it'll be just a simple date--movie and dinner. Then I'll be surprised kasi sa Araneta Coliseum or Cuneta Astrodome kami pupunta. Kasi instead of watching movie, ang plan nya pala talaga is for us to watch my fave pba team (w/c btw happens to be Ginebra--I'm a die hard fan) play. Mahahalikan ko talaga sya on the spot. And oh yeah, ringside dapat to ha. Hahaha :rotflmao:

    And then, afterwards...we'll have dinner in a posh resto. Hehe :naughty: Kidding.. Kahit coffee lang or upo lang kami somewhere we're we could really talk (or discuss the game) ok na. Yikes.. un ideal date ko yata un nasabi ko dito.Hahaha :lovesigh:

    But I guess what I'm trying to say here is a girl would really appreciate it if she knows na alam mo un mga bagay na gusto nya coz it just shows dat ur really into her.

    oh well, haba na nito... hope kahit pano may nakuha kang idea. Hahaha *okay*
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