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Pa'no ba???? advice po.....

pano ba kalimutan ang isang tao.....kung d mo mgawa dhl mahal mo xa?????......kht gano mo pa gs2hin......, kya lng feeling mo kelangan na.....ano bang dapat gawin?????


  • i have had a three year relationship and i thought it will be hard for me to forget him but after a year i know i was already over him. its alright to be hurt, its ok for you to say that you are hurt. you can cry until your pillows get soaked. if thats the way for you to forget him but let me assure you that you can forget him. you just need time.... time will help you.. Also, pls help yourself, while you are on the process of forgetting him try to look for other stuff that can make you forget him. do not think of how it was before with him, do not try to reminisce the things you do and avoid going to places where you used to go with him... divert your attention to other things that can please you.... thats all!!! :naughty:
  • theflight05theflight05 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    mind over matter....
  • yeah, mind over matter..

    cut all communication lines

    keep yourself busy with school, work..

    meet new people, discover new things, go to different places..

    allow yourself to feel the pain. eto advice sakin ng psych prof ko nung college and it really retained in my head: the paradox about pain is that when you stay or even welcome the pain, it ceases to affect you as much.

    and lastly, pray.
  • jaye11jaye11 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    isipin mo hanggang magsawa ka.. hehehe.. joke.. isipin mo na lang di xa para sayo.. pakabusy ka.. wag ka pumunta sa place na madalas nio pagtambayan dati.. :bop:
  • i hav to agree with evry1....forgetting someone u truly love is hard coz i think d mo nman tlga cia makakalimutan eh...ano un amnesia? sa mga telenovela lng un...sana nga dba me ganon pra hindi k na mhirapn...so kung pano nga ba...i biliv time can heal but not forget..ul get by sis! :eek: jas look forward for that time na wala ng pain... *okay*
  • sprakinhytsprakinhyt PEx Rookie ⭐
    think of anything na ikagagalit mo sa taong yun. hatred is the fastest way para makalimot ;)
  • ano un? pano kung wala k nman dpat ikagalit dba? parang dats unfair on his part dba..but yes ur ryt pra madling mgfade ung feelings...but the thing is , i think hindi galit instead, forgiveness dba? :D for both parties, and acceptance also...bsta its hard to forget khit galit k prin...mas lalo k lng mahihirapan, dapt u let go all the grievancess..tama b me? *peace*
  • lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    try to gain amnesia 100% effective :D kidding...
    like they said, time heal wounds... un ang safest but not of course the fastest and learn to accept the facts...

    well alam ko it's hard but it's worth a try... *okay*
  • the most effective way to forget the person you love is just by asking "yourself".Try to seek answer from your heart, and from what you have learned from him.If you think that you cant have him,eventhough you already did your part, i guess, it's time to say goodbye.Time to move on! It's a matter of hurting your own hurt, rather than to wait for the time that he would hurt you in the end...
  • I've been looking for answers too on how to forget. No matter how hard I try I still can't, but I'm trying my very best. It's just like reading a book that I can't finish 'cause I'm always looking on the back pages. If you're living in the past it will be very hard to forget someone. It's true that "easier said than done." For the past years I thought I can forget, that it will be easy for me to forget. I was wrong. :depressed: This time, I want to forget him all by myself. That I'm not entering a new relationship if i still think of him, to totally forget everything about us. I was just hit with these words from a friend, "Dont live in the past for you might not see who's in the future." I want to thank him for this. :)
  • tell yourself you're ok.

    just like the nike commercial. reincarnate. :D
  • so hard...in my case, it's hard to forget because i don't know what i was to her. i don't know if she loved me also, kahit konti...it hurts lalo na if she tells you you'll get over it din or you'll meet someone else...kasi parang it's soo easy for her to say it and my impression then becomes: maybe i was really nothing to her, that's why it's easy on her part...
  • ask urseflf kung anu b mapa2la mo sakanya kung ayaw n nya sau..

    kung magiging kau ba uli may magandang mangyayari sainu??? :rolleyes:

    just think na maraming guys out there..

    para makalimutan mo xa, do something that'll make u busy.. *okay*
  • hey, well im in the same situation now, its hard but hey time heals right and it really is mind over matter... if you start thinking about him, try thinking of something else.. make yourself busy, think the worst of him... hehehe joke the works for me... but seriously just love yourself and hey keep pretty, remember the sweetest revenge is looking beautiful...
  • easiest way is to find something in him that you hated. like blame him na it's his fault.. etc..

    like see him as an @hole.
  • pano ba kalimutan ang isang tao.....kung d mo mgawa dhl mahal mo xa?????......kht gano mo pa gs2hin......, kya lng feeling mo kelangan na.....ano bang dapat gawin?????

    make everyday as if it's your last day... what i mean is, you try to enjoy all the things that you haven't done yet... list them all... I assure you, you will soon forget that someone... also pray for acceptance.. :bashful:
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