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The Best Final Fantasy?

Some say it's Final Fantasy VI (III in the States). Some say it's Final Fantasy VII. Those who have played it say Final Fantasy VIII. The Japanese say Final Fantasy V (which was never released in the states, ie no english version). What do you think?

Personally, for me, it's a two way tie between VI(III) and VII. :)


  • I'd say FF8 is the best , because of the improved looks of the characters . Only thing is FF8 is more complicated than FF7 , you to earn your magic this time in FF8 , you have to draw magic , but so far I like the plot of FF8 than FF7 .
  • I think that the best FF game will have to be either FF8 or FF3. FF7 was undoubtedly a good game, but many aspects that make the FF series a great game were missing. First of all, there's little character depth. Second, I think the materia system sucks. Third, the Chocobo breeding was a pain in the @$$ (although Knights was sorta worth it). Think about it, Cloud must be the least developed FF lead character to date. Some of the best developed were Cecil (FF2) and the whole cast of FF3. Right now, I think FF8 looks to be a good addition to the FF series. I just wish that they could re-work FF3 with better graphics. If they do, then by far FF3 will become the best FF ever. And that's the bottom line, coz Stone Cold says so!
  • gungiegungie PEx Rookie ⭐
    I heard that the ratings of FF8 is quite low because interactivity was less than FF7?! It became, I heard, more like a movie than a game?
  • They released an english version of FF V in the states. I think it was released with FF VI as FF Anthologies.

    I think FF 7 was pretty good. FF 8 has better grafix though. I haven't played V and VI yet but I've heard V was pretty good. I have FF Anthologies, kaso nagloloko PS ko sa I haven't been able to play it. :(
  • Basho...oh basho
    good thing your still alive...i thought you were cast to flame by IFRIT. anyway basho. well you will know which FF is the best not by looking at other's posts...but by looking inside your heart basho. look within yourself...feel the wisdom of your mind. for you can create an entire fantasy. (lam ko iba ang fantasy mo XXX nga yun dba) Rebuild your thoughts...explore and reflect at the vast possibilities of your imagination.basho i believe in your potential and the looks...nah not really (mas pogi ako), basho look inside you, believe in yourself. be Proud that you are a Filipino...and im sure you will get an answer on what is the best Final fantasy...some say it's heaven some say it's death...but for me...the best final fantasy.....

    .......is "LIFE"

    PeaceLove and Godspeed!

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  • well since im pretty confused about the US and JAPANESE versions of the games, ill just mention the characters in it. so lets see, i think the best for me would have to be the one with Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Edge, Fusoya, Rydia, Cid, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Edward and Golbez. now if im not mistaken, i bought that for the super nes, and it was called ffiii. im playing ffviii now, and its not half bad, just a little too complicated. now thats one complaint i have, the ff series gets more complicated everytime they release a new one. but the ff series is still in a class of its own.
  • I don't have a playstation because I don't think my parents would have let me bring it from our home to the dorm. After waiting a long time for the PC version of FF8, the only thing I can say is that it is a major disappointment.
    They didn't even bother to resize the fonts or redesign the menus to accomodate the PCs higher resolution - even I would have settled for a standard VGA resolution of 640x480 as opposed to the PS's 320x200. As for the annoying menu system - well, I realize that it's a console port and that changing the battle system would have been too complicated, but couldn't they have at least redone the menu screens (inventory, GFs, etc) to use the capabilities of the mouse? I use a Gravis pad that is identical to the PS's controller so it's not too much of a problem for me - but I remember that I bought that pad because playing FF7 using the numeric keypad was starting to strain my wrists.
    While I realize that the Boost command allows you to make use of the long time it takes for GFs to appear, couldn't they have at least allowed a hot key that would immediately skip the GF sequence and get to the point? At least the option is there...
    And while the graphics are okay (at least the prerendered backgrounds are), why couldn't Square have at least rerendered the characters, GFs, and monsters to at least look better? The PC has 3D capabilities that outstrip the PS by far - why didn't they use it? Case in point: have you ever tried piloting the Garden in the outside map? It is slooow... (I use a fairly high-end setup, so it shouldn't be a problem)
    It's ironic that a game whose central theme is about love has at its core a decided lack of love - if the Square guys loved this game, then they would have made SOME effort at improving the game, not abandoning it as a finished work and letting a straight port suffice.
  • oks si Sabin sa ff 3 (us version) tsaka kahit mukhang eng eng ang graphics nun , the storyline and controls were great :) ohh... love ff7 too
  • Miviant: I agree with you. Mas complicated ang FF8 sa FF7... w/c is why di ko na rin masyado pinagtiyagaan laruin

    I like FF7, I like the story (unusual twists in the plot), easy to play and appreciate, BUT the graphics do seem quite heavy (FF8's graphics are much nicer, but they seem lighter than that of FF7)... kaya sakit sa ulo when you're trying to control the game (sa akin lang ba nangyayari to?)...

    Wark! :D:D:D
  • three has the best storyline. but i like seven kasi pinaghirapan kung tinapos yun. yung eight tinatamad na ako.. hehehe
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Final Fantasy V for its cool job system
    Final Fantasy VII for its engaging story, the first time I was moved by a game

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  • I'd go for VII, it really pushed the limits of the PSX in an RPG
  • Final Fantasy 7 ---yep, yep, yep!

    What makes it the best for me is its plot. T From Cloud Strife's exodus to the Chocobo breeding, from Aeris' death to Sephiroth's battle with Cloud...wow...I just had the time of my life playing that game...

    Di ba it's said to be as "probably the greatest game ever made...."

  • lucaslucas PExer
    Yo! Basho for me it's FInal Fantasy VIII!
  • FF8 for me, nice plot, nice graphics...
  • JacobJacob PExer
    For me it's the US Final Fantasy III (the one in SNES). For a 16-bit game, it's deep and satisfying. I agree with the previous sentiments regarding FFVII. Masyado kasing nagconcentrate sa visuals/graphics. While I haven't finished FF8, medyo nababagalan ako at nadadramahan sa plot but it's an improvement gameplay-wise over FF7. Mas "cool" lang ang characters ng FF7 over 8.

    Pero for me, the best console RPG is Chrono Trigger.
  • FF8 nice graphics and so realistic.
  • FF7!!! FF8 was cool, but storywise, it was bit disappointing IMHO.

    FF6 was really good too... :)
  • I've played FF7 on the Playstation and on the PC and FF8 on the PC. Personally, I consider FF7's storyline BETTER than FF8. FF8's was a bit straight-forward with only few mysteries. Ultimecia's "possession" didn't seem to surprise me as much as the twisting-plot of FF7 where Cloud finds out he's not really who he thought he was. I recall being very much engrossed with FF7's storyline as it developed. I recall in the first disc when Aeris died -- a character who I thought would be an important one althroughout the game. Then on the next disc we find Cloud struggling to battle his "past", then his settling a score with Sephiroth. Compare that to FF8 where the story seemed to centralize around Squall and his "eventual" relationship with Rinoa -- which most found out even before playing the game because of the intro/CD cover.

    Graphics wise, FF8 is definitely "hi-tech" compared to FF7, but FF7 has more of the "anime" feel which FF8 doesn't. Also, I find the junctioning system a bit more complicated than mana-mixing. Junctioning the character to his/her best potential requires more than just trial and error, whereas FF7's mana system involved trying to make sense of which goes with what.

    Well, just wanted to share. :)
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