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Driver's License renewal

I have questions regarding the renewal of driver's license:

1. kahit saan bang branch ng LTO pwde magparenew?
2. makukuha ba agad ung card within the day?
3. may panibago na nman bang drug test?



  • marco_1
    marco_1 M I Y E M B R O
    ^pusa^ wrote:
    I have questions regarding the renewal of driver's license:

    1. kahit saan bang branch ng LTO pwde magparenew?
    2. makukuha ba agad ung card within the day?
    3. may panibago na nman bang drug test?

    pls. check :)
  • yes lahat sagot sa tanong mo.
  • Shemale_Lover
    Shemale_Lover I ♥ Shemales
    cool yeah
  • which reminds me...i have to renew mine this year.
  • ALvs
    ALvs Just Another Game
    somewhat irrelevant question...

    had my license confiscated about 6 months ago because I carelessly entered a one way street in Makati on a Saturday night at around 1 am..

    may nagaantay na pulis, eh I'm against giving them money just so I could have my license back...

    If I try to report it as lost, would it show up on their records? :D
  • the answer is also yes. :laugh:
  • Tmac_1
    Tmac_1 the Franchise
    6 months?! tagal na ah. you mean to say you've been driving around for half a year without a license?

    ok, somewhat related question:

    MMDA officers gives you ticket but doesnt confiscate your license right? But how about PNP? Do they get your license for traffic violations?
  • tykemeister
    tykemeister born to drive
    Tulong naman pls.

    Nadukutan kasi ako ng wallet, natangay yung driver's license ko. Di ko memoryado yung license number ko kayat namomoblema ako ngayon kung paano ko mare-renew license ko.

    Sa Lto Las Pinas ko kinuha yung original license ko. Pwede bang magbigay lang ako ng valid i.d. tapos ibibigay nila sa akin license number ko ? Pwede bang sa ibang LTO branch katulad ng branch nila may kalapitan sa Taft Avenue Manila ako magparenew?
  • from (thanks to marco_1)

    Q: If ever the driver’s license is lost, what are the requirements
    and procedures in acquiring one?

    A: The following are the requirements and procedures to wit:

    1. Affidavit of Loss;

    2. Law Enforcement Clearance, LTO-Regional Office ( if the application is outside Metro Manila);

    3. Filing of Certification of License Records-LTO, License Section, East Ave. QC / any LTO Agency.

    4. Duplicate and renewal (if the driver’s license is renewable) of driver’s license at the LTO – Agency, transact anywhere if previously automated.

    Please take note that the renewal of driver’s license is simultaneous with the application of duplicate driver’s license. Licensing Fees varies, it depends on the expiry date & the date of application with LTO.
  • tykemeister
    tykemeister born to drive
    Maraming, maraming salamat elvenjediknight
  • dekadence
    dekadence eye on the prize, bxtch.
    nahuli ako a few months ago dahil di ako naka-seatbelt. instead of the traffic enforcer confiscating my license, binigyan na lang ako ng ticket na babayaran ko na lang thru metrobank. nawala yung ticket ko, paano pag ganon?
  • off topic pero ask ko na din..
    kahit saan branch ba pwede kumuha ng driver's license(non-pro)?
    o dpat sa main branch lang(East Ave), hindi renewal ah kukuha pa lang kasi ako.. tnx!!!
  • Kahit saang LTO branch pwede kumuha ng license. If possible bring your own car. Kung wala kang sasakyan they'll expect you to drive an old Gemini/box type or an owner-type jeep for your practical exam. Bring a friend so you'll have someone to talk to while waiting for your papers.

    Two-weeks (daw) ang waiting period for the card. Matagal nang offline ang LTO offices and di ma-print agad ang card. Temporary license lang ang ibibigay nila. Don't know if this applies to the satellite LTO offices in the malls and MRT stations.
  • I left the country, and when I came back, my license was already expired by 2 months. When I renew my license, will they charge me a penalty?
  • ako rin, just came back, 2 years expired na license ko, how much ba penalty?
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    penalty is a few hundred lang naman.. (under 200, i believe).. cheap :)
  • Yung nabasa kong rules sa website ng LTO, you can just pay the penalty kapag less than 10 years nang expired ang driver's license. More than 10 years, you need to take the exam again kaya hassle pag ganun.
  • how much is the drivers license renewal(non-professional) including all the fees(medical etc..)??

    how long will it take??

  • Forgot how much but it should take about an hour, including the medical test. Dun pa ako yun sa East Avenue office nila.
  • how much???

    may lunch break ba lto??
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