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"The Da Vinci Legacy" & "Daughter of GOD" by: Lewis Perdue

May thread na ba about these books? kung meron na po paki merge nlang or direct me...thanks po :bashful:

anyway, kung wala pa.... :naughty:

Has anyone read The Da Vinci Legacy by: Lewis Perdue? dba may court case sila ni Brown coz i think Perdue accused Brown of plagiarism? or is it the other way around? basta i've read that Perdue published DVLegacy in 1983 tapos may similarities w/ DVCode...

I've read Daughter of God after reading DVCode and kahit dun may onteng pagka parehas sa DVCode... :confused: :bop:

check nyo nlang po yung website ni Lewis Perdue :depressed:



  • :bashful: :confused: :bop:

  • they both borrow heavily from Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. Purdue and Brown wrote fiction. Baigent, et al wrote the results of their research. AFAIK, Baigent tried to sue Brown for plagiarism. i don't know how Purdue fits into the picture ...
  • Oh well, Dan Brown won in the court case. :)
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