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how to make a person fall for you? or is it possible to make a person fall for you?

hi guys! question lang.....i used to date this guy kasi then he has to leave to work abroad then after 5 years nagkita kami ulit,,,im falling for him,,grabe! then we are both single padin,,eto dating ulit,,calling me always even if he is out of the country kaso naman puro i like you so much nalang...ako na nga sobra accomodating,,,pano na ba yan? dahil ba very succesful guy na sya at laging travel?..tips naman mga people or maybe baka me ibang ganto rin situation. thanks in adv.


  • ummm question lng saan s states ung guy? coz' it seem like i have a friend hu has the same story as urs.... and wats the guys name? wer u sa pinas? tnx...
  • u know wat... ur situation is kinda hard kc long distance.. and anything can happen within even a small span of time... ur guy myt be dating someone else there.. u just have no clue... its hard n diba? sakit? s0o dont epect much n lng... but hey dont fret! but wait u said u only liked the guy wat for? apparantly with his u know his situation? u can tell ryt? but uh... its hard to make him like u if theres distance but dont lose hope... there's always a way... u know i had been in a long distance relationship... and well it rili is hard.. sakit and... scary! coz' u'll never know wat will happen! and now we're coolong off, i decided that though coz' i dunno... somethings hindering talaga! i kinda felt im desperate for a lil freedom! hay... LOVE!= i hate YOU! anywayz... it's s0o possible that ur guy myt like another someone there, he can make encounters of lots of u know... gurls... and ikaw? nsa pinas lng u? u maybe blind of wats hppening there! u havent made commitments p man ryt? s0o it is pretty RISKY!!!! just dont expect too much n lng...
  • the guy that i really like,,andito na sya..after 5 years nga na umalis sya pag balik nya early this year eto ulit kami dating pero puro nga gang like u lang...maybe he is not ready to commit, ngayon nagttravel parin sya a lot pero dina yun matagalan tipong 1 week tapos balik na dito,,yes andito ako janelle...w regards naman sa long distance relationship... oo malabo talaga...napakasakit ewan ko ba.....ayoko na ng ganun kawawa mga naiiwan laging ganun...sana lang kung mas mahal nila tayo..sad kaso hindi nga mas mahal nila career nila.
  • hmm..

    well you cant really blame the guy if he's very much attentive to his career right now. how old is he? 20s? it's the time when they want to rule the world, so to speak. mas goal-oriented kasi sila compared to us. they plan, save, and then settle down pag feeling nila okay na lahat.

    just dont push the subject. if he's ready to jump into another level, i think he'd let you know. dont expect too much (i know it's hard doing this but it helps a bit to consciously remind yourself everytime) and just enjoy what you guys have.

    god bless! :)
  • he is exactly 30 budgirl,,alam motama ka nga eh...naisip ko din yan...tnks din
  • hay gosh im s0o relireved i thot kc the guy was my friend... and i like this guy s0o much.... nndito rin kc me sa states.... and.. he told me something that my friend xa there sa phil. and he once liked her. and they wer kinda dating daw B4.... ahhh i thot n tlga the gurl was u! though this guy i know is still 17 =) hehehe..
  • You can't just make someone fall for you unless that someone is really attracted to you not just the physical aspect but your whole being.
    Kasi kahit na anong ipakita mo sa kanya, all those love or cares that you give him, kung talagang wala syang feeling sa yo, iti-treat ka lang nya as "a good friend".
    Ang tanong dyan eh ganito: Kung feeling mo eh talagang hindi ka nya magugustuhan, bat ka pa mag aaksaya ng panahon...go out and find a better guy that will notice you.
  • Don't expect that much! If he really loves/likes you, he would have said it to you!
  • i agree.. just don't expect too much girl.. kasi kung mahal ka naman talaga nya magsasabi yan sa yo d b?! d ko naman cnasabi na hindi ka nya mahal, mlay natin d b, naghihintay pa lang sya ng right time.. malay mo gusto nya muna na makilala nyo ng husto ang isa't isa ulit since ang tagal nyo ding nagkahiwalay d b?! just wait.. malay mo in time d b?!
  • you can't force someone to fall for you or shall i say commit to you...

    You are just wasting your time...try to find a guy who's more sensitive enough...
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