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pls support for the meg face contest!

wicked17wicked17 wicked PExer
off topic po.. pero pakibasa na rin!..

PAKI SUPORTAHAN NAMAN ANG CLASSMATE NG InYOng co-pexers (mykel14, patricke08, mud, wicked17)


paki boto naman cia dun sa Meg face of the Year :

pde kau bumoto thru text

just key in:

MEGFACE(space)Pauleen/(your name)/(email add)/(age) and send it to 2966

pde rin sa www.meggurl.com kaso under construction pa ung site

or bumili kau ng MEG magazine.. ung august issue tas may coupon dun... boto kau ha

iboto nyo ung si Pauleen de Grano. She's our classmate.

pag gus2 nyo ulit ciang itxt after nyong makapagtxt na nung w/ email add.. etc... pedeng ganito na lang

MEGFACE pauleen at isend sa 2966... aun..after nyong mag register.. (ung with eadd, age and name nyo)

pakisuportahan cia pls!



  • mykel14mykel14 Oh, ****. ✭✭✭
    go go classmate!

    mina, post ko din ung isa ha!

    suportahan naman po natin cia... :p
  • wicked17wicked17 wicked PExer
    update!!! up na ang website.. pede na po kayo bumoto sa meggurl.com!!
  • mykel14mykel14 Oh, ****. ✭✭✭

    vote for pauleen.. tnx!!!

    pakisuportahan ang classmate namin! tnx! boto kau kahit lang beses :)
  • mykel14mykel14 Oh, ****. ✭✭✭


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