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PETS cats PETS dogs PETS birds PETS snakes?

my prsonal pets include 3 PERSIAN CATS, our family have 3 dogs, 3 teddy bear hamsters, a myna bird, a little green parrot, and chickens. I like them....very gud training groud too to become parents!!!lol

Anyway anyone interestd in buying persian kittens?

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  • munikmunik PExer
    I have a turtle. Ang takaw takaw niya. She likes music. Gusto niya rin madalas ko siya kinakausap. :)
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Seraphim: How much are you selling the Persian kittens for? My friend might be interested.

    We have one askal named Lambert, and 5 unamed cats. We didn't bother naming them since they're so mataray. I bought a shih tzu a month ago but had to to give it back to the breeder since she had scabies. I'm waiting for the breeder to pay me back so I can buy another dog. Anybody know a shih tzu breeder?
  • i have a 2 month-old mini-pincher ... cute! :D

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  • Originally posted by munik:
    I have a turtle. Ang takaw takaw niya. She likes music. Gusto niya rin madalas ko siya kinakausap.

    Gee like u confide to ur turtle? Me i just tell my cats that theyr sooo cute while patting them, anothr reason for me to pat them is that i get sell theyr kittens :)

  • rorsrors PExer
    we have two mini-pinschers... Liit and Tong-its

    one rottweiler... Hitler

    two cockatoos... Cocoy and Pepay (Cocoy whistles and barks)

    one lorie... Beauty

    one turtle (the big one)... Donatello

    another bird which i'm not sure what is... Mokong

    one myna... Spot

  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I have 8 Lhasa apsos right now, 4 adult dogs, 4 2-week old puppies, and one of the adult dogs is pregnant. We're not keeping all the puppies, though. :)
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    We own 2 poodles, 1 pomeranian and 2 poodleanians(crossbreeds) :D
  • we have 2 toy poodles and 1 stray, MEAN cat. (na love na love ng ate ko i dont know why.)

    uptowngirl, ano ba yan! ano pinaggaggawa niyo sa mga aso niyo ha? hehehehehe! lol.giflol.gif
  • well... let me see... actually, i'm not really into what breed are my dogs and cats...

    I JUST LOVE THEM!!! especially cats!! girl.gif

    anyway, my last count was... 8 cats...

    most of the time, when i see stray cats wandering around the village... i would carry it home... :)

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