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my friend wants abort her baby... I NEED ADVICE

my friend wants to abort her baby... just in case SHE IS PREGNANT...

i don't know what to do... nahahawa ako sa pagka-paranoid niya...

my friend told me that she's had 3 unprotected sex with her bf: june 22/23, june 28/29, and july 11-12... all during midnight daw.

then she said ang last period nya started last june 15 (4-5 days lang yata yung length ng period nya...)

now came july 15... she started to get paranoid that she is DELAYED... and SHE is PREGNANT... daw...

she hasn't taken pregnancy test... she hasn't consulted a professional... and besides hindi pa end ng july...

since that day... kinukulit niya ako... i have done some advices and actually make her forget (kahit saglit lang, while we are together) BUT ALL DON"T SEEM TO WORK ON HER. she keeps on talking about it... walang sawa... and even calls me up at night or in the middle of the night just to ask my opinions about this and that of pregnancy and ABORTION...

ayoko naman na iwalang halaga yung problem niya kasi i am the only person na sinabihan niya. and i am afraid that kapag na-praning yung friend ko... baka isipin niya yung option to abort the baby...

please... i need help about her...

atsaka... ano yung symptoms kapag pregnant ang isang babae... kung 1st month pa lang... or kung meron man na symptoms sa 1st month...

i would really appreciate your thoughts about this...


  • The 1st thing to do is to relax. Being pregnant does not mean the world is ending. There are worse things that could happen. From from your posts im assuming you and your friend are very young, and now, suddenly find yourself in a very adult situation.
    The first thing you should do is determine if your friend is pregnant. All this worry might be for nothing kung hindi naman pala buntis ang kaibigan mo. You can purchase pregnancy kits at any pharmacy. Based on the last contact if your friend is preggy it should show in the pregnancy kit already.
    If your friend is too shy to buy one for herself, you can do it for her. It shouldnt be more than P150. If your too shy to do it too, just pretend your buying it for your mother. Believe me, the agony of not knowing is a lot worse than the small potential embarassment you'll get.
    There are instructions on the kit on how to use it, but almost all pregnancy kits are of 2 types.
    1. Is a small plastic shaped like a popsicle stick where you put maybe 3 drops of your friends urine in a small circular "well". In 5 mins there will either be 1 or 2 red "bars". 1 is not, 2 is preggy.
    2. A squarish one where you drop urine in a similar well. The test is either (+) or (-) with a small red confirmatory line at the end opposite the well indicating that the test is complete.

    Another thing that should happen is that your friend and her bf should talk. If they are mature enough to engage in unprotected sex, they should also be mature enough to talk about the consequences.

    Take things one step at a time. You are playing a role that countless other close friends have had to go through, and its never easy. Good luck.
  • igopigop PExer
    just in case mag positive....ituloy lang nya.
  • feeling ko parang si tamang_timpla ang mismong buntis hehe
  • outmapoutmap PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    First, read phooey's post, then talk to your/her parents and the guy's parents... Abortion is not an option...
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    haay, a baby is always a blessing, a miracle. imo, being pregnant is much much better than contracting stds and or having malignant diseases. pero tama nga sila, make it sure first na preggy nga or hindi. sayang nman yung worries nyo kung hindi nman sure. at nakapapangilabot, d pa kyo sure and yet ur already contemplating something which is unforgivable. :(

    if ur still young d ba parang ok isipin na in ur late twenties may 10 or so yr old baby ka na? hehehe...para lng kyong mgkabarkada. :D
  • junben_c wrote:
    feeling ko parang si tamang_timpla ang mismong buntis hehe

    how i wish... pero tamang hinala ka ha!

    for those who replied:

    thanks for the reply... actually... she was trying 'counseling' sa school nila.

    waaaahhhhh. wawa naman best friend ko.

    sensya... i am not into the whole 'pregnancy thing'
  • Counselling of not having sex at all? Or counselling on how to get on with her life?

    Honestly, ur friend is very irresponsible. If she doesnt want to get pregnant then there are lots of contraceptives around.

    Tapos worry wart sya ngayon at super na haharass ka rin sa kanya emotionally.

    Its a 50-50 for her since umabot pa sila ng July...

    Eh ngayon pa nga lang buntis siya super paranoid na eh, pano pa kung ipa-abort niya eh di mas damaged siya emotionally and mentally!
  • Let her take the pregnancy test.

    if it's positive, then convince her to keep her baby...they always say, babies are always good news, blessing :)

    if it's negative, well, she should start practicing, what i call "responsible recklessness" or safe, pre-marital sex :D LOL
  • if she's pregnant, please, please tell her not to consider abortion. akala nyo lang mawawala ang problema sa isang iglap. it will not. and how will u be so sure if she'll be ok after the abortion, physically, mentally and emotionally. worse, it may haunt her forever. konsensya ang pinakamatindi nyang makakalaban. kung iniisip nya magagalit ang parents nya sa kanya, natural lang yun esp kung bata pa sya. pero ang galit napapawi, and when the baby comes out, ay naku im sure lalambot ang mga puso nila. kung iniisip nya na masisira buhay nya, it will be all up to her. if she will not learn her lessons on this, well hopeless nga sya. she should be responsible to all her actions, whether right or wrong. importante malaman nya pagkakamali nya at ituwid yon, hindi yung gagawa pa sya ng isa pang pagkakamali.

    oh well...ang haba ng sinabi ko. hindi pa nga pala sure kung buntis sya :)
  • she carried on with her pregnancy... and i am one of the FAIRY godmother *_*

    thanks for the help... it was tough for everyone who loves her... but we all managed to adjust...
  • Good for you and good for your friend! *okay*
  • nice:) saya naman.. happy ending:)
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Happy ending indeed. :) It's time to put this thread to rest.
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