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Anyone here into Discus Fish?

i like blue marlin. hehehe :D (burrrp!)


  • Sino sa inyo ang mahilig sa discus fish? SAna naman meron...

    kung interesado kayong malaman kung anong klaseng isda ito, pumunta lang sa website ko at makigulo.... sign narin sa guestbook

    Kung meron kayong tanong sa isda, here's where to ask it!!!!!! :?)
  • I like tanigue .... yummmy :)
  • naku na out of topic na tayo baka mauwi sa pagkain...

    anyway, I myself am interested in acquiring an aquarium but I don't know where I can get one that is cheap.
  • Naku, ako rin ata na o-off topic. Anyway I hae already checked out your site but sorry I did not sign your guestbook.
  • dapat siguro itanong ko nalang kung anong masarap na fish... wala kasing nagrereply!!!
  • Faust21Faust21 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Discus are really cool looking fish. Their brilliant colors and dazzling patterns almost seem like that of saltwater fish.
    Unfortunately, they are difficult to breed and really expensive.
    I planned to buy some but changed my mind. I bought cheaper but equally beautiful reef fish and invertebrates instead.
  • they're not only hard to breed, but also hard to maintain. this is not the fish for beginners.

    telcontar: i am selling my 50-gallon aquarium but u also have to buy my malaysian gold arrowana - kawawa naman kasi kung wala siyang lalanguyan.
  • Napaka arte ng isdang yan! Kailangan may Heater. Sosyal!

    Namatay yung discus ko. Nasunog ata sa sobrang init ng heater.
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