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Kikay must [email protected] affordable prices!

Our prime ingredients are sourced globally and customized for your kikay needs. See for yourself and let your femininity shine!

FOR ORDERS CALL/TEXT 0922 -8443348 OR email at [email protected]
PICTURES AVAILABLE AT http://www.picturetrail.com/fashionethics

Who said cosmetics aren't healthy?
Fact: KAI Handmade Cosmetics have special blends of herbal extracts proven beneficial to all skin types. The ingredients are all natural so you need not worry about rashes, allergies and irritations.

Multi-Purpose Make Up
Lip & Cheek Gel (30ml) - P120
Eye & Cheek Shimmer – P90
Moisturizing Sunblock Crème w/ SPF45 (30ml) – P90
Mineral Makeup Loose Foundation & Concealer (10g) – P95
Sheer Make Up for Lips, Face & Body
Glossy Tinted/Tint-Free Lip Balm (10g) – P85
Liquid Lip Shimmers – P50
Pearlized Lip Glaze – P50
Bronzing Crème w/ SPF20 (20ml) – P100
Sheer Make Up for Eyes, Cheeks & Face
Mineral Veil Mini-Loose Powder (Shimmer) (10g) – P60
Cooling Crème Blush (10g) – P80
Shimmer Eye Shadows – P70
Healing Your Hands
Extra Rich Hand Crème (120ml) – P80
Hand & Body Exfoliating Gel (150g) – P80
Moisturizing Hand Wash (200ml) – P70
Perfectly Pampered Feet
Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub (150g) – P80
Relaxing Foot Crème (120ml) – P80
Fizzing Foot Soak (150g) – P80
Cooling Foot Spray (60ml) – P70
Shiny Silky Hair
Shiny Frizz-Free Hair Coat (60ml) – P110
Intensive Moisturizing Hot-Oil Crème (120ml/300ml) – P100/P150
Relaxing Shampoo for Daily Use (200ml) – P65
Silkening Conditioner (200ml) – P65
Bath & Body / Fragrances
Fruity Shower Gel (200ml) – P80
Whipped Body Crème (100ml) – P95
Liquid Silk Moisturizing Dry Oil (120ml) – P150
Scented Body Powder (60g) – P25
Soft & Silky Sugar Scrub (300g) –Radiance Body Scrubs (300g) – P120
Milk & Honey Body Polish (30g) – P150


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