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Can you fill me in?

LaNs Guide To A Serious and Fun Relationship.

Looking for a:
21-23 yr old girl. No Gays Allowed Pls.
my ideal girl is somehow may pag ka chinese but anyone will do
medyo tall cguro ka height ko
long hair is a plus lolz
(parang job advertisement ah)

Note: Sana effective din toh lolz. I'm just experimenting...try-tryan lang since i'm finding someone to date on my upcoming bday i'd rather use this section to find that someone na hinahanap ko which is so far indi ko pa nakikita :naughty: don't worry i'm not asking for a date.. what I want is to get to know you first.. a date is more of a serious thing for me kasi.. so I got to know you muna para naman walang expectation and from there diba.. go with the flow hehe... I'm looking for someone.. potential date, potential GF hopefully pero indi naman ako nag mamadali... and above all... a potential new friend and yun ang important for me hehe

and teka

visit muna kayo ng site ko lolz

inz, reg, luther, akira, and yung iba lolz behave kayo dito ah lolz :bop:


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