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artista na graduate sa UST

lennorronnellennorronnel PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
sino sino ba ang artist na galing sa UST?
dati poa kasi namin tinatanong sa kahit sino kung sino sino e


  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Si newsgirl ang tanungin mo. Artista sa para sa amin. Star for all season!

    Pwede hindi ito fora ng mga artista. Get this off our nice section, it cheapens everything eh.

    Our lives doesn't evolve around artistas & you are free to go to the local trashy movies & tv forum sa kabila.
  • lennorronnellennorronnel PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nay naman...
    nagtatanong lang kaya ako...

    kung nachi-cheapan ka, bakit ka nagpost? bakit ka pumatol sa squatter kong thread? edi cheap ka rin?
    eto sa iyo....
    :shout: - read my lips!
  • lennorronnellennorronnel PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • Charlene Gonzalez..she was my classmate in two of my Psych subjects..1999 sya graduate..
  • karamihan kasi ng artista di naman gumagraduate, kinakarir ang career..!

    si miriam quiambao, artista ba yun??

    i heard si dimples romana ust rin?

    at si alwina/a.k.a angel locsin dating taga-lacson i mean taga-educ??

    si aiza, ilang yrs rin sa music, pero nagshift raw sa cfad dahil nandun ang gf nya??
    (showbiz ang dateng ng post na itoh!)

    si aubrey miles, nag music rin, pero di tinuloy.

    si ciara, 7th year na nya ngayon..

    si polo ravales, graduate! ng UST high school.. dun nga ata sya nagsisimba sa chapel e..
  • si beth tamayo arts and letters, piolo pascual educ, jao mapa architecture ata, bunny paras sa commerce.
  • si chynna ortaleza pa pala sa arts and letters
  • [k]jwan[k]jwan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ka-batch ng twin brother ko si chynna when they got into UST. id 01 sila. that was at the height of her kitikitext campaign for sprite.

    si dimples din id 01 sa educ, tourism siya. naging classmate siya ng twin brother ko in 2 of his classes kasi irregular si dimples. after 2nd year, she left because she got pregnant.

    the band hale, though hindi naman sila artista, pero showbiz sila, diba? si champ was from the conservatory of music, just like ciara sotto, la lopez, and brenan e.

    lady lee was a former student of pay high, polo ravales, and i think angel locsin were also from pay high and not educ high school. si sarah geronimo originally went to EHS, pero after winning a million pesos, she immediately transferred to USTHS.

    let's see... si aiza, 2 years lang sa conservatory before shifting to CFAD, jao mapa took 7 or 9 years to finish his architecture degree. and piolo pascual was from the college of commerce, just like dominic ochoa and richard sommes (he's already appearing in GMA programs). john lapuz was a HRM graduate, and wenn deramas as well...

    why do i know all these? well, i have a lot of friends who study there in espana. haaha.. colorful ng history ng graduates ng UST. :)
  • bahamut_zerobahamut_zero chinito na moreno PEx Expert 🎖️
    Ka-course at ka-batch ko si Chyna Ortaleza. SI Archie Alemania din CA grad nung 2000, YJ din daw siya e.
  • Krazie_boneKrazie_bone PEx Rookie ⭐
    [k]jwan wrote:

    the band hale, though hindi naman sila artista, pero showbiz sila, diba? si champ was from the conservatory of music, just like ciara sotto, la lopez, and brenan e.

    :confused4: ei? i read in another thread that champ was from CSB and took up HRM. I think you are referring to the two guitarists (lead and bassist) of Hale, who said that they are from UST.

    Anyways, on -topic, another campus celebrity is Ms. Michelle Uy, model of several commercials such as Rejoice and Skin White (btw, Michelle is a chinese-filipino mestiza, so it is irrelevant to state that the commercial portrays her as having a darker skin tone before :lol: )
  • [k]jwan[k]jwan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    talaga? eh bakit sabi naman niya sa isang interview galing siya ng UST Conserv? mmm...sabi ng brother ko sa kin eh...hindi ko alam...let's ask Champ na lang

    She's a graduate of Asian Studies.
  • beth tamayo po. pati si john lapuz.

    hindi po artista pero celebs nontheless: arnold "igan" clavio. so, tecnically, si arn-arn ay taga-uste din! :lol:

    pati po sandra aguinaldo, i think. lahat po sila arts and letters.
  • si brenan espartinez ay galing sa commerce...nag-drop na sha nung pumasok sha sa pinoy pop superstar...

    si sarah christophers din ay galing ng commerce...and yung isang chubby girl na taga-berks din...payat na sha ngaun...allyson ba name nun?
  • Sarah Geronimo did not transfer to UST PAY HIGH.... She quit school... and decided to take home schooling na lang under ANGELICUM COLLEGE... before EHS, nag-DOMINICAN muna sha.. :D
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