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online relationship?!

So what does everyone think? Are relationships started online destined to failure or do they even have a chance?

For the guys: are any of you actually looking for a serious relationship and are you open to it starting online? What do you think of a girl who is looking for a relationship and looks online?

For the ladies: Could you ever trust a guy whom you know talks to other girls online? Do you believe any guys are looking for that special someone and can find her online?

For anyone: If you all have personal experiences you want to share please do.


  • kundi ako nagkakamali, may article dito tungkol sa 2 pexer na dito nagkakilala at nagpakasal pagkatapos. just browse.
  • sakin naman kasi im in an online relationship. difference is that he's my ex at nagkabalikan kami thru online chat. Sa tingin ko naman may possiblity na magkaron ng fulfillment if both sides are willing to compromise and at the same time really be faithful.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wala prin makakatalo sa reality kaysa sa online relationship.
    more often than not... online relationship is more mental and is
    doomed to fail. karamihan na nagkita ng personal pagkatapos ng
    online na pagkakilala ay disappointed. iba raw ang nasa imahinasyon
    at iba ang katotohanan.


  • It doesn't really matter how your started it. It's how you maintain it.
    And in reality, since starting ONLINE is based on assumptions plus all the fantasy that you create with it, it's more likely to be a "failure"... in some cases it works and it will take lots of hard work to match each others' expectations. It's like playing LOTTO- Kailangan talaga yung numbers mo - MATCH. Otherwise, kung 5 numbers lang, in other words, KULANG, eh it will give you satisf*cksyon for a limited time only.
  • ive got a friend who found her soulmate thorugh chat, and yes, they just got married. it worked for them because they worked hard to make it work. Nagkita sila and they clicked.. yun naman importante, kung matagal na kayong magkachat and you think may spark, magkita kayo..Kungmay spark eh di masaya..kung wala, medyo masakit bat you'llmove on eventually.

    Ako mismo may inhibitions pagdating diyan..pero if it works for other people, then why not? kanya-kanya lang yan...:)
  • online relationship are for desperate people ,who cant get into a relationship in the real world
  • Very true. But like what they say, anybody will do anything to be loved. the only problem with some people is that they make the online way dictate their lives. If you think it's not for you, then try other means coz it's so easy to get addicted to the internet and before you know it, you don't have a life anymore, and oppurtunities are just passing you by.
  • in my situation... i met a guy OL... and we're just friends.. there's rili nothing goin around bet. us i guess... kc nman di pwede i have a bf n kc... only lng LDR... he's at the phil.a and me hir at US.. then again.. we're just friends nung guy ive met... though we've been making calls s0o often lately.. but like we're just friends... we talk for hours.. and... we're just friends..
    now for OL relationships... it will work out if u both have the willingnesss to make it work... "beleive" a strong word which makes the impossible possible.. basta there's nothing impossible... u can make it work... GUd luck n lng! NOW MY PROB! huhuhuhu... i don't know this tym of wat i've felt for this guy OL... he's rili s0o mabait...i have this irresistable feeling about him... huhuhuhu.... pero uh.. things are just s0o complicated help!!!! i know di pwede but i can't contol at times.... also this guy OL has a gurl also at the phil. but he said they're just friends... but the gurl rili rili likes him, and im not sure of what this guy feels maybe... he will also... i dunno... but then this september theyd bee seeing each other once again... and huhuhuhuhu.. there maybe babalik ung feelings nya for her.. gosh.. ano ba! im kinda jelly honstly.. ahhhhhh!!! but then i know lagi that i can't go on with wat i feel coz' i have a bf... damn ang sama ko!!!!!! im not sure also if this friend of mine OL has feelings for me likewise.. but.. why does he kept on calling me? we talk for hours. it would even get upto dawn... but then im rili struggling na... huhuhuhu.... he's rili very conservative n guy and lots more... and thats what i like about him.... oh help!!!! i dunno what to do.. i mean the answer maybe clear but! BUT BUT BUT!!!! there's a but..... also i dont wanna ruin this thing bet. us... i love the thing we're in.. basta I don't wanna lose this GUY ol! he knows also that i have a bf..... that's why im not sure if he's struggling of telling me something.... all i know is that we're friends and all i want to do is also admit these feelings for him.... and but.. im afraid maybe it will affct our friendship. well it wil.. ewan help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • As long as both parties are true to theirselves and true to their partner, everything will be ok.

    There's no difference when you meet in church, sa mall, sa party ng kabarkada, classmate ng kamag-anak. All of these are just random meetings diba? You're just using the aid of technology to know more people same as having textmates.

    It's very difficult to make a decision on this topic because there are a lot of things to consider. Especially intangible things.

    Anyways, if you're talking strictly online? Sure it won't work. I never heard of peopel getting married via internet. Hehe! Just kidding. *okay*
  • okei lang.. it's how you'll handle the relationship syempre once na kayo na dapat nde "online" ang maintenance di ba?
  • rave81 wrote:
    online relationship are for desperate people ,who cant get into a relationship in the real world

    no offense meant friend but i beg to disagree... for me im lookin at it as an alternative..with so much hope and not of desperation. :)
  • i know of people who met thru d net and are happy together. i think depende na lang sa tao yon and how u handle d relationship.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ang hindi alam ng karamihan ay maraming manloloko sa online relationships. quite a number of innocent online users had fallen victims to false identities.

    ingat sa mga masasamang ispiritu sa online...


  • It is true that we can fall in love with a person without ever seeing his or her face. But for many, the permanence of the feeling is still dictated by the physical attributes of that person. This is what usually separates those who truly love and those who just believe that they are in love.
  • littlegurllittlegurl PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nagkaron ako ng bf na sa chat ko lang nakilala, pero nung nag-meet kame, ganon parin..yun nga lang, di rin nag-last relationship namin..

    its not how or where you two meet up, ang mahalaga eh you both love each other diba?..

  • u know just don't lose hope! If u are really willing to make it last then don't let any hindrances stop u! It depends on ur choice, u and the other!!!!!!!
  • online relationship, and/or relationship started through online conversation isnt that bad. its how you people proceed with what you have started. of course some relationships started this way is bound to fail, but so are lots of "reality-based" relationships. so maybe it boils down to the people that are actually engaged in the relationship, online or not.

    and to say that if your'e hooked in the internet u have no life is a very myopic view.
  • the good thing about o-l relationships is that you can disclose your deepest thoughts / fantasies / stories without having the "I am ashamed" part. At least, you get to know the "true" persons, of course, true being subjective.... =P
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