Transient Global Amnesia

Need advice on this? How can this be avoided or can be cured? Is it possible for teenagers to have it? Please share your knowledge and help me learn more about it and how to fight it. Thanks.


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    Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) is a recurrent, temporary loss of memory, although immediate and remote memory is preserved. The memory type affected is the recent memory, with a temporary inability to store new information. Symptoms typically last less than 24 hours. As the syndrome resolves, the amnesia improves, but the patient may be left with a distinct lapse of recollection for events during the attack.

    The precise cause of TGA isn't clear, although studies seem to point out to transient disruption of blood flow to specific brain areas which involve memory. It's not common--international incidence rate would be at the range of 2.9-10% per 100,000. There is no racial or sexual predilection, but typical age of occurence is over 50 years old--teens don't really develop this. Trigger factors for TGA include physical exertion, overwhelming emotion stress, pain, cold water exposure, sexual intercourse, and Valsalva (e.g. straining in the bathroom). Therefore these are the things that should be avoided. There is no preventive measure from TGA.

    Differential diagnosis for TGA would include different types of stroke, different types of seizure, migraine variant, fainting spells.

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