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Hello PexerS!

Anybody knows any info or details re. this company? I believe they are looking for tenured or applicants experienced in the call center industry. As far as I know, they are looking for reps with technical support experience to pioneer the team. They do not accept direct hiring which means, you'll have to go thru a headhunter to do the process.

i wonder how much can they pay, benefits, exact location, staff and facilities


  • and most important, i wonder if they have any washroom? wahehehe... kinda wierd but the 1st thing i always check in a company is the restroom
  • wala pa rin ba sa inyo may news nito? wahehehe.. nag post lang me here para baka makatsamba sa inyo
  • any updates? waaaaa........
  • waaa... ako lang tlga mag isa nakadinig nito? pioneer batch in libis?
  • IceKnight
    IceKnight World of Warcraft Addict
    otaku: baka naman figment of your imagination lng to? hehehe. kiddin. try jobstreet or jobsdb. :D

    though curious din ako.

    (kelan kaya mago-outsource ang nokia?) hehehehe
  • auxes
    auxes auto in please!
    nokia nasa sykes
  • pass your resume to john clements.. sila headhunter for siemens.. hth :)
  • actually.. true po siya.. :D
    tinitignan ko lang kung may nakakadinig na... wahehehe... next week na panel interview ng wave 1, then contract signing na un.... goodluck sa mga applicants
  • The_simpsons
    The_simpsons Contributor
    kennster, saan ang office nila?
  • John Clements or ung Siemens?
    JC is located in 12b LKG Tower Ayala Ave, beside Smart and infront of Standard Charterred; malapit na rin siya sa RCBC Tower...
    ung Siemens, hindi pa dinudivulge ng client...
  • kennster,

    nag apply ka ba sa Siemens?
  • kennster,

    nag apply ka ba sa Siemens?

    how bout you? nag apply kna ba sa siemens?
  • secret.....
  • kennster,

    nag apply ka ba sa Siemens?

    Nope.. i heard kasi na sa libis yung site ng siemens eh, masyado malayo for me.
  • sa libis office nila, kasi may mga taga-Technion dati na nandito na. wave 1.
  • ======================
    Posts: 29 sa libis office nila, kasi may mga taga-Technion dati na nandito na. wave 1.

    i think i know them... wahehehe ;)
    kasama ko ata sila sa spitz drill
  • For those who are interested in applying for a TSR position here sa Siemens, pleas send me a private message and I will gladly give you details on how to apply.

    Just for some info no, YES, IT IS TRUE THAT SIEMENS WILL PUT UP A CALL CENTER in Libis, so far we are interviewing for the Pioneer Batch (The Best Batch!)

    Full operations will start by Mid October

    But I have to tell you this, for Pioneer Batch, sobrang taas ang requirements nila sa Technical Expertise

    Again, if you are interested, send me a PM

  • yes, i must admit that the screening process is lengthy and like what mikedv mentioned, Siemens is very Strict with the requirements to be qualified for the Pioneer batch...

    Anyway, sabi naman eh magiging maganda ang kalabasan... :)
  • techlogic
    techlogic getting there...
    mikedv what commodity will the account be supporting?
  • as of now, the company keeps the kind of support very confidential...
    although.... mikedv, if full operations will start by Mid-October... hindi ba parang ang aga if they have started conducting interviews? or isn't the target date late?
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