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[MERGED] All about Warts (Kulugo)



  • baka ang health card mo icover yung ibang expenses....
  • wala akong health card eh :)
  • I had my warts cauterized 9 days ago. Still have the scabs but I don't care. I even attended a wedding yesterday but even the bride commented she also had her warts removed. The scabs are not gonna leave scars as long as you don't touch them. They're gonna stay for 2 weeks then after that they will fall off but your skin's gonna be flawless! Had mine done at St. Luke's, for the entire face and neck it was php 3,200. I was so happy with the price because that was for 2 different areas already.
  • uy sobrang ok na yun ha...kaninong doctor?baka may malapit syang clinic sa alabang....
  • Bea19: Had it under Dr. Elizabeth Uygongco. But then again she gave me a discount, the original price was 6,000 for 2 areas na. I was referred there kasi by my cousin.
  • Try using duct tape for warts. It's a quick fix. Yet, it works wonders.
  • :no:
    Try using duct tape for warts. It's a quick fix. Yet, it works wonders.

    Your Dermatologist may work quicker, better and less painful wonders, though!

  • I had let a beauty shop remove my warts using electrocauterization. They are all gone now.

    THank you for your inputs. :)
  • it wont leave a pigmenting mark coz warts dont grow into the dermis.
  • hi there! just want to ask if you have recommendations (aside from let's face it and luz facial care) who do warts removal. preferrably in cubao/greenhills/sta. mesa areas who charge cheap and not on a per piece basis.

    thank's :hopeless:
  • Hi there! Yung iba kasi, per area ang charge nila and syempre kailangan muna nila i-check bago sila magbigay ng price. Like sa dermclinic, parang per area is 4,500 mga 2 years ago yata pero yung cousin ko nacharge ng 15,000 kasi madami talaga. Anong area ba yung plano mo ipatreat and gaano kadami? I know someone kasi in Makati nga lang. May per piece charging sya & meron ding package.
  • I highly, highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Uygongco at St. Luke's. Super bait, lambing, and she really took good care of me when I was in Manila. I had my warts removed on my face and neck (when I got pregnant a LOT of warts sprouted), and I only paid Php3,200 for both my face and neck! Best of all, she's an honest-to-goodness dermatologist so you can't go wrong. Believe me I think she took out hundreds of warts. Now all my friends and relatives noticed I have beautiful clear skin. I cannot say enough good things about her. Mabait pa :)
  • banshe1981 wrote:
    what? ganun ba kamahal magpatanggal ng warts?
    ako, napatanggal ko for only 200 pesos... home service pa yun... sa buon mukha na yon plus part of the upper chest...
    ok naman yung service, at yung cream na pinahid afterwards, kasi bumalik ulit sa dati yung face ko minus the warts..

    Ako nga din nagulat sa price pero nung malaman ko na sa dermclinic sya nagpatreat, eh hindi na ako nagtaka. Yung 15,000 nya is from neck to waistline including some part sa likod nya (sa bandang side) and nakita ko na talagang sobrang dami. Pati hindi sya kinaya ng 1 session, it took her mga 1 week na pabalikbalik sa dermclinic just to check kung meron pang naiwan. YUng 4,500 na rate kasi is per area lang like halimbawa sa face or neck, eh yung sa kanya kasi is considered how many area na. Kasama na din yung mga gamot. Pero i dont recommend it kasi nga pangalan lang binabayaran, marami na ngayon ang nag-ooffer nyan at a lower price. :)
  • salamat sa mga replies! really appreciated those :D

    annielise will give the dr a ring din ü thanks. problem with that is the consultation fee they initially charge even at least for estimation kaya ha-hmm.... ü
  • ^^ The php3,200 fee includes her consultation fee, that's how reasonable she is :). Goodluck, keep us posted!
  • how abt any creams na pinapahid for removal of warts? meron ba?
  • how abt any creams na pinapahid for removal of warts? meron ba?

    Meron ako dating ipinahid, toothpaste kaya lang medyo nakakainip kasi more than a week bago sya matuyo at malaglag. Kung kaunti lang yung lalagyan mo, okay lang kaya lang yung sa akin kasi tinamad na ako dahil medyo madami and yung iba di ko maabot :)

    Pero effective kasi natuyo and nawala naman and the good thing with this toothpaste is hindi nagpepeklat. :)
  • There are over-the-counter wart removal creams here in the US but I'd rather opt for cautery.
  • i agree with annielise. cautery is definitely the treatment for warts and has the most immediate result! as dermatologists would say, once cauterized, warts no longer sprout on same location! dapat lang talaga maubos and be cautious on who you'll share your things with or have a direct contact on persons with warts para di mahawa eventually :no:

    thanks guys :enlightened:
  • leela1025leela1025 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Do you know any clinic that removes warts? And how much?
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