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[MERGED] All about Warts (Kulugo)



  • please check Kasoy Cream, made from cashew sap and cashew nut oil. I'm selling it and it is proven to treat warts, milia, skin stag, and even moles.

    P800 for 3m
    you may check my page for Kasoy Cream
  • please check Kasoy Cream, made from cashew sap and cashew nut oil. I'm selling it and it is proven to treat warts, milia, skin stag, and even moles.

    P800 for 3ml
    you may check my page for Kasoy Cream
  • Sir matulis nagpm po ako sa inyo.ask ko lang baka makahongi ng refferal for my genital warts. :(
  • Is this thread still active? Can someone refer me to a good OB within or near Makati please. Thank you.
  • hi guys active pa ba to? can someone recomend a dermatologist, i want to confirm what's this bump appearred in my penis, near pasig po.. napapraning ako after ng mg google.
  • Can somebody recommended me a good doctor for genital warts at please *** mura lang? I have it about a year now at dumadami sya, may warts din na parang skin tags. malamang nakuha ko sa previuos partner ko. may new partner na ko at natatakot ako, we had a contact kaya malamang meron narin sya, di ko alam kung pano ko ioopen sa kanya. sobrang nakaka frustrate to. Studyante palang ako kaya please sana *** mura lang. At advise na din kung pano ko ioopen sa kanya. mahal ko sya di ko sya kayang mawala. sobrang nakaka frustrate. Sa East Ave magkano kaya kase public hospital naman?
  • Go to pgh to for GW, di expensive ang treatment don. even the gardasil vaccine is cheap, just P3,000 per shot so ang 3 shots is P9,000 only.
  • go to pgh (philippine general hospital) outpatient dept along P. faura ave, tca costs only P100 per treatment. usually weekly for 3 weeks. sa babae kase sa obgyne/ids at ischedule ka agad nila pag std kase madaling kumalat yan.pag lalaki urologist, pero puede ka naman magtanong sa info for new patients kung wala kang blue card. Going there saved me a lot of money.
  • hello po.its my first time here in pinoyexchange website.bibabasa ko po mga testimony dito and ang gaan po sa pakiramdam if you learn from others testimony.
    worried na po ako kasi po meron akong genital warts and nakakadiri po sya.and worried din ako baka makahawa pa ako sa iba.meron ba kayong irekomenda para sa akin?gamot or specialist para sa genital warts.


    Hi, try Mo garlic oil baka makatulong. Atom sa research effective sya for warts. Don't apply it, just take it orally.. 😊
  • Hi, may I ask ano daily routine niyo to treat your warts.. I have flat warts ksi on my face , ***** mga 7 warts.. very small Kaya *** lam how to treat it without going to the derm.. what I do is I wash my face with Kojic and take one garlic oil capsule every night.. na notice Ko ndi na Siya dumadami. Kso d nmn Siya nwawala.
  • sanpo wrote: »
    Well I had a funny history with warts, so I feel like I'd share:

    I had a viral/fungal (doctors weren't even sure) wart before, and one that grows on the side of your nails (apparently the hardest). It started with my big toe when I unconciously cut the side of my big toe with a nipper and a wart started to grow. After around a year or so of not knowing, and constantly scratching and peeling it off, it went on to grow to the finger beside my big toe, as well as my thumb and index finger on my hand since I usually pinched it off.

    I tried alot of treatments from cauterizations to laser removal to duofilms and the freaking expensive aldara cream (100++ pesos per small package that you can only use ONCE per night). Here's my suggestion based on my experience:
    - Never opt for cauterization especially for a peri-fungal wart (one that grows under and beside your nails). It just made the wart spread over the new wound.
    - Never opt for any laser treatment either. Waste of time and money, the wart just came back.
    - My brother even had surgery, the surgery ended up gaping a new hole on my brother's big toe where the wart just grew over the new wound. (FYI, Warts LOVE open wounds.)
    - Always apply merthiolet (the pink antiseptic they put in parlors, not sure of spelling), any antibiotics or clean any wounds/cuts you make when you trim your nails.
    - Leaving banana peels over the wart infected area seems to work. I read it off the internet and let my brother try it, he said it helped to some extent.
    - Salicylic acid (Duofilm) is effective.
    - My brother is currently taking anti-ulcer drugs. Apparently the same drug boosts your immune system in hopes that it recognizes the wart and fends it off itself.
    - I had warts over fingernail areas on 5 different fingers/toes. NONE OF SURGICAL PROCEDURES WORKED. You just let your own body learn to fight it off.

    *of course, this only applies to warts that grows beside your fingernails, since they are the trickiest to deal with.

    I have the same case as yours. Sobrang nammroblema ako at takot for any surgery. I’m using apple cider pero it keeps on coming back. Nasa side ng nail bed kase. Ang stubborn. Kamusta na *** sa’yo?
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