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Nag EB na ba kayo?

It was my first time to try it just last June, right after i was confined at the hospital. I was just trying to relax, after a difficult week. My friends were not available (what's new!), and I have been in constant communication with a person on the net. We had plans to meet even then, but I got sick the 2 instances that we actually scheduled them. We communicated via the phone, and internet in the past months. He was nice though I must admit, we had naughty conversations.

We eventually met. I had fun. Amazingly enough, I was comfortable. Honestly, at the moment, I am not looking for a relationship. He asked me if I am looking for one when we met. I said no. I just want to have fun, I said. No emotional attachments, whatsoever.

I wasn't sure if I will be asked out again. My only aim was that whether he liked how I look or not, I wanted someone to talk to in the middle of night. And for the past months, that was his purpose in my life. Takes away the sadness when everybody is asleep and phone hardly rings, ika nga. He texted me right after we met. I didn't know if it was a good sign or not. He did not ask for a next time, but while talking he said we'll have a next time.

He asked me out the following week. Hmm, I did not expect it anymore. We did not have much fun that time and I couldn't understand why. We still had conversations. The following week, it was I who asked him out. I am not sure if I am just paranoid, but I felt some hesitation. He agreed to meet me.

Perhaps, I just wanted to make sure that he enjoys my company same way that I enjoy his. I enjoyed our last meeting. And somehow, I am looking for an assurance that he surely enjoys being with me as well. I do not have the guts to ask him lest I get a negative answer. And somehow, my radar isn't working. I cannot tell.

We kissed when we met. All three instances.

If he doesn't like the way I look, would he be meeting me twice after the first time?
If he doesn't like my company, would he be seeing me again?
If he doesn't enjoy being with me, would he be meeting me again?
If he doesn't like kissing me, would he have done it again?

Haha. Paranoid, alam ko. I think what is bothering me more is that for the first time, I cannot tell. I usually can.


  • If he doesn't like the way I look, would he be meeting me twice after the first time?

    -No. If i didn't like the girl, i wouldn't text her anymore :lol:

    If he doesn't like my company, would he be seeing me again?

    -refer to previous answer

    If he doesn't enjoy being with me, would he be meeting me again?

    -again, refer to answer #1, (being with you = your company, same banana)

    If he doesn't like kissing me, would he have done it again?

    - no, i wouldn't kiss a girl at all if i didn't like her

    so... i guess you can safely say that he's into you.. either that, or he's just a horndog waiting for some action (you said you've had naughty conversations)

    try to ask, at least you'll know na. He's asked you naman if you're looking for a relationship eh. That should be a sign already..
  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i know one particular person who could surely relate...

    he's into you:

    - but he's taking his time
    - he's in no rush, he'd like to take it slow
    - he's probably in a battle between heart and mind
    - don't be pushy and demanding, the last thing you wanna do is to lose him, masakit sa ego yun girl

    he likes you, that's a given fact i guess for now. the thing is you don't know the person that well, have it ever occured in your mind na baka may iba siya? have you asked that in the first place? or is he a busy person, baka naman he's in the process of establishing himself career-wise, and if he needs to unwind and all, nagkataon lang na you're available.

    complicated, nakakapraning yan, i should know, it takes one to know one :glee:

    no to eb :lol:
  • Hey thanks queenkatie and elvenjediknight for the replies.

    Hmm, elvenjediknight, does that mean that if he is just looking for some action, it wouldn't really matter how I look? I mean . . .kahit hindi niya type ang itsura ko, he would do it with me. . .ganun ba yun? :confused:

    Queenkatie i asked naman na before if he has a girlfriend or a wife. No wife, but I believe there is someone special in another continent. I asked about her often when we met. I usually bring it up. I guess you are right about being pushy and demanding. do girls really have a tendency to do that? Kasi kahit dati (sa ibang tao, not the person above), napansin ko i tend to do that. . .minsan out of loneliness, other times it just feels right to demand though it does not necessarily make me feel good.

    Anyway, thanks guys.
  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^ take it from me, if you wanna lose a guy in less than 2 minutes, start to demand things he just can't give, pressure him to say words he' not yet ready to utter, and pick a fight with him by "pag-iinarte"...

    the thing is hindi naman kayo, fine you've kissed and all, but then girl, you weren't forced to do such stuff, it was done with your consent, so until such time you're in a formal relationship already, control yourself to be that emotional, ikaw na din ang nagsabi, nagkataon lang, na sad ka ngayon, thus, you need all the attention that you could get
  • ^ long live the queen and her minions!!! :glee:
  • thanks queenkatie. Di pa naman ako nagdedemand sa kanya. I said I want this for fun. To demand would actually take away the fun. Yun nga lang, nag isip pa rin ako in the end. hehe. thanks again.
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