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where to get pills? Im only 18.

Where can I get pills? I'm 18 and nyt yet married but I badly need it. Will doctor give me perscription?


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    Yes, after you undergo a PAP smear and a gyne exam to check whether there will be a problem once you're on the pill. See an ob-gyne who can examine you properly, give you options on what kind of birth control is appropriate for your lifestyle, and who can teach you the proper way of taking pills. Physicians as a rule do not pass moral judgement on whether or not you're married, young, or whatever. It's not their job.
  • :confused:why do you need pill very badly? r u sexually active? I know some people take pills for their mentration to be regular.
    I kown where you can get pills ;); in the public clinics but if I were you I better go to an OBGYNE first, its too risky to take pills without any prescription from the expert. Baka hindi mo alam na masama pala sa iyo ang pills thinker.gif, magpa check-up ka muna before you take it, and ask the doctor for a pills na pwede sa iyo girl.gif.
  • thanks nice! I used to be veeeeery sexually active! I broke up with my bf and kabits a week ago but i have plans to return to my old life style.

    Naninigurado lang! smokin.gif
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    in that case sis......better see your ob gyne more than twice a year.....sexually active women should have themselves (the nether regions and the breast area) checked more often than those who are not active.... :) infections/cysts may occur...and you're still very young....
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