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Laging Pagod

Doc, Bakit kaya parang lagi ako pagod kahit wala akong masyadong ginagawa. Tapos kahit ang haba na ng tulog ko ay inaantok pa rin lagi ako. Shifting ang shked ng trabaho ko.Ano kaya ang gagawin ko para naman sumigla ang katawan ko. Malakas naman akong kumain. Help


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    I'm afraid that easy fatigability is a nonspecific symptom--it can mean anything or nothing at all. Even the boredom or stress of daily living causes tiredness. If you are not experiencing any other significant symptoms like weight loss, fever, etc., it's pretty hard to pinpoint what is wrong. The best option I could give you is to go to your company's physician and have a complete physical to rule out any health problems you may have. If you're given a clean bill of health, maybe a little vacation is in order. :)
  • yax-ytterp
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    baka naman it's all in the mind... :D

    ako kasi, laging gutom eh... lol.gif
  • Ira: What's your opinion on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Is this a legitimate diagnosis, or is it just a general term used by doctors until they can identify the real cause of a patient's weakness?
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