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good communicator ka ba?

are u able to express urself clearly? do u stutter when u talk? ako kc its one of my problem lalo na pg sobrang kabado. nagkandabuhol-buhol k n sa pagsslita tuloy d m masabi ung gsto mong sbihin. panu ko kya un ma-oovercome? ang hrap nga e lalo n sa interview. :mecry:


  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    aku naman ayyy naootal, nagegeng baloktot ang dela.
    maheraf talga ang bolol, bongi at nerbyusu... hay!


  • practice ka sa salamin
  • nope, not a good communicator. i don't just stutter over the phone or in person, i say embarrassing things pa just to kill the dead air :D

    but after 10000 interviews (na ako yung nagtatanong or ako ang tinatanong), i think i've finally gotten the hang of it. practice lang yan. nakakakaba syempre, pero we're entitled to make mistakes.

    overcoming shyness is a matter of willpower. you just have to accept chattiness as a survival skill :)
  • atukatuk PExer
    i tend to speak a wee bit fast, but i still consider myself a good communicator.
  • actually, all my friends tell me masarap daw ako kausap. I am confident to express my strong views about anything..kahit nga non-sense talk flexible ako e..

    my problem is kapag nagpakwento na sila ng isang pangyayari sakin.. i tend to skip details and stress the minor ones.. yung SYNCHORNIZATION of details, mahina ako... huhu
  • unfortunately i'm not! i wish i was, & i wish i could still be. i can't express myself properly. words evade me for no reason at all. pro pag written nmn, i consider myself fine.
  • ok lang naman daw.. may times lang na bulol.. hehehe
  • zid_08zid_08 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    "kakkasi...gusto kkiikkiitang makita kasi may ipatatanong , ipinatatanong c daddy."

    may kakilala akong ganun, ung nag stutter kapag kinakabahan, at super kahit ako nahihirapan sa pagsasalita niya!!!

    paano ma overcome...???experience lang yun, atska kapag kinakabahan ka talaga, think of other things para makalma ka. O kaya, mag practice ka, makipag usap ka sa mga taong hindi mo pa nakikilala...

    sakin kasi, na overcome ko yung pagiging mahiyain kasi nakikipag usap ako sa harap ng madla na hindi ko talaga kakilala, tapos nasa theatre din ako ng school, kaya nagkaroon ako ng confidence sa sarili.
  • zid_08zid_08 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    okay lang naman ang kabahan, kasi minsan pag hindi ka na kinakabahan, magkakamali ka. Pero wag lang naman yung sobra sobra, baka naman himatayin ka.
  • I stutter when I'm really nervous. The trick is to think about what you are going to say before you say it. It sounds obvious but some people just launch into whatever they want to say without thinking their message through. So what if you don't reply immediately? At least your message is clear and people are able to understand you better.

    Probably the best tip I can give is to make contact with the person you are speaking to. If you are speaking in front of a group choose 3 or 4 people that you will make eye contact with. That way you're making a connection with your audience. It's not a good idea to look up from what you are reading, etc only to look at the wall.

    If you're nervous about appearing in front of a crowd, practice your speech by yourself and then when you are confident with your material get someone to watch you and tell them to make a note of anything you can improve on.
  • gina_22gina_22 PEx Rookie ⭐
    I consider myself as not a good communiocator, ang sama pa pag kinakabahan ako d ko napupronounce ng tama yung words na sasabihin ko, nabubulol ako... :(
  • im in a line of work that requires for me to be a good communicator. honestly, i can say what's in my mind naman. ang problema ko lang yung dead air na sinasabi, esp when im with new people. nahihiya kasi akong mag open ng bagong topic because i dont know what is acceptable to them.
  • people say i'm a good communicator. i get the attention of all my classmates when i report in class. some professors are even afraid to ask questions from me when i'm reporting... they say because i look like i really believe in and know what i'm talking about.

    but they don't know how scared i really am of talking in front of a crowd. i just handle it well, i guess.
  • ako i also have some speaking problems, but it's not stuttering.

    sometimes when i speak, nanginginig ang boses ko. it's kind of frustrating kasi even if you're confident on what you are talking about it seems as though di ka sure sa sinasabi mo. i don't know what's the reason behind this and it keeps on giving me problems especially at work. pano kaya yun?
  • im in a line of work that requires for me to be a good communicator. honestly, i can say what's in my mind naman. ang problema ko lang yung dead air na sinasabi, esp when im with new people. nahihiya kasi akong mag open ng bagong topic because i dont know what is acceptable to them.

    I have that problem sometimes as well. I find that the best thing to do is talk about something that you think they may react positively to. Kung "yes" or positive parati ang sagot then you can keep the conversation flowing. Kung "no" obviously there goes the conversation. So maybe they're wearing an interesting piece of jewellery or a shirt by a band you like or have heard of. Then you can say "I like your shirt/bracelet. Saan mo yan nakuha?". Sometimes it helps to break the ice with the other person when they can sense that you have something in common. I sometimes use aspects of this technique in my line of work (I'm a teacher). When I'm questioning a student I ask a series of questions that I already know the answer to. They already know it as well it's just a matter of drawing it out of them.

    Sometimes they might end up saying something I don't necessarily agree with (eg about politics) I'll just say "That's an interesting point of view. I've never thought of that blahblahblah". I try not to engage them in a debate especially if I don't know them well and there's a chance the conversation might get heated. It's very difficult to back away when that happens.
  • dont worry your not alone :) ..may tendency din ako mag stutter minsan nakaka pag salita pa ako ng hindi maganda :depressed: pero ok lng yon kanya-kanyang tactics lng yan..mas maganda tlga pag may exposure ka sa tao ;) pra ma overcome mo un shyness at stutter syndrome :love:
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