it true that it can help you look young? — PinoyExchange it true that it can help you look young?

CLaiRe_ChiLL GiRLiEnG GuRLaSH at 30ish
Quite curious lang po Doc Ira, totoo bang nakakapagpa stay young ang Imedeen? and anong age bracket ang pwedeng gumamit nito? mahal ba yon? available ba yon sa mga local drugstores?


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Imedeen contains a few mgs of zinc, a few mgs of vitamin C, and a few hundred mgs of a "mysterious marine compound". It was launched with a lot of hype in the early 90s, and they even have celebrity endorsers for this and supposedly "scientific studies" done about its effectivity. The scientific study is full of holes. There is still no evidence to be found that it's even remotely effective--on the contrary, a 3rd party (neutral) study done by Danish dermatologists and published in an international journal showed that it doesn't work. Dermatologists do not recommend that you throw away your money on this snakeoil.
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