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hair lice

:)doc, mayron ba kayong alam na gamot sa kuto thinker.gif, kasi yung younger sister ko ay meron siyang kuto, at wala naman akong magawa, even my mom she tried her best pero bumabalik pa rin grrr.gif, pinagtityagaan na nga niyang lagyan ng oil every night ang hair ng sister ko then sinusuyod pa niya ito everyday. shy.gifI remember when I was on my elementary days i used to have lice also but when i used MEDICARE shampoo nawala, wala nang MEDICARE shampoo sa mga drugstores. Please help my sister... :confused:


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    There's a pediculocide (anti-kuto) in the market, Kwell shampoo. Just work it thoroughly in your sister's hair, and leave it on for 5 minutes. Then just comb it out using a fine tooth comb. Just repeat it after a week if there's still lice. It may also be a good idea to shave your sister's head (I'm serious).
  • frenzy
    frenzy Certified PExAdik
    Take Ira's advice!
  • doc ira, saan nabibili tong kwell shampoo?
  • In drugstores.
  • Is putting mayo in the head overnight effective? my kid cousin is kinda vain and she doesn't want hear head shaved. help please.. thanks..
  • some unsolicited advice: have her towel, bedsheet, pillowcase and even hairbrush washed in hot water ..... *okay*
  • Thanks.. I've done those already but to no avail.. am not sure if using kwell shampoo really works.. is it advisable for a three-year old? thanks again..
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