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If you were an NBA coach, who would you rather have on your team? Rodman or Rider?

Sports annalysts have been saying that signing JR Rider was a bad move and it's another Dennis Rodman stint in the making. Do you think so? So, if you were to choose between these two players, who would you rather have on your team?


  • This is a tough call for the sole reason that both men have proven to be huge jerks in their past stints. But also, what kind of player does your team need? Rodman has been kicked out of Detroit, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Rider has been thrown out of Minnesota, Portland, and Atlanta. With Rodman, you get one of the smallest men to get a rebounding title, and he got at least 7 of them. He's an exceptional defensive player not just by his positioning but also by the ind games he plays with his opponents. But Rodman has no offensive skill whatsoever.

    Rider is an awesome offensive weapon. He's a very strong guard with great post-up ability, a decent three point shot, and an even better jump shot. He's a former slam dunk champion and is a decent defender. But again, they've both been proven to have practically no respect for authority in wevery NBA city they've played for. Except Rodman showed respect for Phil Jackson. Can Rider do the same? We'll see this season. Right now, the Lakers do lack a power forward like Rodman, but Los Angeles has already sworn off The Worm. The Rider experiment is just about to begin.

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin! :cool:
  • I'll go for Dennis Rodman...

    Besides rebounding, he contributes a lot of intangibles into the game...his intensity and hustle are unequalled...not to mention his defensive skills...
  • Galing ko manghula, #7 nga ang jersey number ni Rider! Woohoo! Eherm...anwyay...

    I'd pick Rider over Rodman kasi Rider still has a lot to prove, that he can change, and that he has a lot of potential. Besides, psychological nga yung sakit ni Rodman e. Who would you pick? The gangster or the crossdresser? =)
  • si rodman na lang, magiging makulay pa ang bench. lol.gif
  • rodman nalang ...
    he got some championship experience
    he got nice defense
    he also have good rebounding ...

    iyon nga lang kung tinopak siya, swerte!

    hey, evrybody has to take risks ... ;)
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    rodman's proven more things than rider, so i'd have to go with rodman...

    besides, LA doesn't need another scorer....
  • depends actually.....if I needed a sf or sg I'd go for rider.......I think I'll go for rider on this one (without the baggage that he carries of the court though). Yeah Rodman is a good defender and rebounder and it probably looks like they're going to need him....but u gotta give Rider some credit....he's almost as good a 3point shooter as Rice...he's a good post up player...he can slash.....he can defend better than Rice....he's faster... Trust me without Rice......the Lakers will miss some of those 3's and like I said JR is almost as good as he is beyond the arc.....oh I almost forgot he can rebound.....actually JR has almost all the skills necessary for a 2 and 3....damn that guy!!!! Why the hell did he screw up his career anyway?
  • if i was to choose between the two, i'd take Rodman. aside from "the worm" being a more established player he's a crowd-draw as well. look what happened to Dallas' home attendance during that 10(?)or so game stint of Rodman.

    wouldn't that be nice to have a jampacked arena? kaya lang nga hindi mo alam anong [email protected] ang gagawin niya .... he might end up badmouthing the entire organization, or whack another person in the groin lol.gif, etc.
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ..... it depends.. ... if your team is like the LA LAKERS id go for rodman.. kasi yun ang kialangan nila... pero kung parang LA CLIPPERS ang team mo si rider na lang.. para may take charge guy... kahit sobrang bakaw
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Rider - younger, more talented, and has more to lose. When Rodman went ballistic, he was as the end of his career while Rider is at his prime with potentially 5 or 6 more years of NBA left in him if he behaves. If he doesn't, he's probably out for good.

    The Lakers do need his scoring - if only to replace to 15 to 17 points per game Rice provided.
  • the Lakers franchise don't need any offensive power right now....they need is a defensive specialist that will replace Green in the power forward position....though Rider is a decent shooter, he has a touch beyond the arc indeed, they don't need his services. Why just simple, when the Bulls are in their last run of their championship they didn't acquired any fire power to help Jordan and Pipen all they need then was a pure rebounding and defensive machine they will eased up they loads of Pipen and Jordan.....Now if they will bring back Rodman on the rosters that will eased up the very heavy loads on Shaq...and shaq can concentrate purely on his offensive skill....to add that the Lakers have a deep bench in the molds of Fox, Horry, Shaw, Rice......that can help offensively...........................
    the main reason why Rodman was been kicked out of the Lakers is that he don't have any respect to Rumbis.....Rodman has proven his respect to Jackson and Daly.................


  • Actually they do....and they really need the defense of Rider...yup he's a good defender...he shut jones down back when he was a laker...he can rebound too and if ever they have to go up against the Blazers....they can switch rider to 3 so he can defend pippen or smith....which gives Kobe the opportunity to defend and shut down the point guard. Sure they need a power forward but Buss isn't willing to pay the tax...at least rider is quick and strong enough to go up against SFs..like Rose (which reminds me he's a point right now), Finley and carter
  • Rodman's the better choice coz at least some people like phil jackson can control him. the problem with rider is he makes you believe that he will be a "good boy" and after a while all his antics just come back and he will get kicked out again.
    Rodman on the other hand has shown times wherein he has controlled his "games" like when he was in Chicago...
  • Rider has done that probably several times more than Rodman....Remember the conference finals against Utah during the lockout shortened season? It's still a good deal for the Lakers (they're paying minimum).We'll never know what he's capable of if he commits to his word.....talent-wise you can't go wrong with Rider.....he can post-up, shoot the three, drive and defend. And he can rebound.....as for Rodman? Phil can control him but I don't think the Lakers are going to take another chance after what happenned last season. He's a good defender and rebounder....but then what? he can't shoot the 3s he'll probably clog the lane.....he can't dribble...he can't even shoot a free throw... Don Nelson pulled the hack-a-shaq on rodman back when he was a bull.
  • with Shaq and Kobe in your team, who needs Rider anyway????????????

  • rodman cause hes the best one on one defender in the nba, rebounder, wants to win but not a ball hog. although he has attitude problems i think hes better than rider who cares for his own glory only smokin.gif
  • First of all, Rodman has proven that he can be controlled and can be properly used as a weapon under the proper guidance. He has the NBA championship to show for it. Rider has zilch--though he has left behind a trail of fired coaches and media stories.

    But more succinctly, a high-scoring guard or swingman is easy to find in the NBA, though maybe not in the vicinity of Rider's talent--which has remained untapped and unfulfilled anyway. Everyone from Doug West to Johnny Newman can score. But show me a player who can grab 18 rebounds a game and I'll show you a player I'd be willing to keep despite the distraction. Though he is a pest, I do wish Rodman were in the Lakers camp because, if his head is screwed on straight and under Phil Jackson, I know he can contribute to the back-to-back much more than Rider will.
  • They need Rider to keep up with the faster SFs or SG's. Kobe can only shut down one player at a time....remember the pacers? with Rose, Jackson and Miller around it was difficult for Kobe and Harper to keep up with them. Rice is a defensive liability... Rider can shoot the 3 ( and he's god at it). A high scoring swingman may be easy to find.... but some of them may not be good all around players (can't post,slash,defend or shoot decently from mid-range)...coz if Rice didn't have a weakness....they probably would have left Rider.....Rodman's a good rebounder but he can't dribble & shoot the 3. He's useful but it would be very unlikely for them to sign him since he has done so much damage to the oranization.
  • Originally posted by tar-heelz:
    They need Rider to keep up with the faster SFs or SG's. Kobe can only shut down one player at a time....remember the pacers? with Rose, Jackson and Miller around it was difficult for Kobe and Harper to keep up with them. Rice is a defensive liability...
    Amen to that!
  • But look at the new look of the West. They're much bigger and stronger so the Lakers will need a big guy kasi right now, their only legitimate big guys are Horry and Shaq.. the others aren't that reliable. They need help in getting those lose rebounds.. scoring is easy.. besides.. andyan naman si Kobe and si Shaq to make up those points.. the problem is their big men.
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