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SkyCable Concerns (Cable TV)



  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    BOOGIECAT >> Well, once box per TV. This would also eliminate illegal connections. I believe, a setup box would also boost signal and improve audio.

    Guys, Pinoy Big Brother
    is already available on SkyCable and HomeCable. This is a premium channel. We will setup and addressable box for you, which to be pulled-out upon the end of the show.

    It will cost you PhP1500.00 for the entire season until December 3, 2005, non-refundable. No commercial break, unedited version.

    Just call the Customer Service hotline if interested, 631-0000.

    Thank you.
  • vp18vp18 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Im sure kahit anong box box pa yan ang pinoy will find a way to overirde that. para pwedeng maramig tv
  • Skycable really made its mark by introducing PBB as part of its premium subscription. Apart from watching the reality show 24 hours a day, you would only have to pay P1,500 for its entire season. WhAt a catch! It's uncut so all you voyeurs, let's subscriber and call 631-0000.
  • VP18 > Well I hope not. I think they will be depolying boxes that are tamper proof. There would be a controller or something that would activate boxes remotely. Subscribers like me will be enjoying cable legally and participate in on-going promos. :) Not to mention cable service which I'm sure everyone is in need of and where illegal customers cannot have.
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Good morning guys!! :wave:

    I just want to inform you all especially subscribers from Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila area that we already started the encryption of our cable system yesterday, September 22, 2005, 12:00MN. This is with regards to our effort in eliminating illegal connections and provide better cable facilities.

    We have installed addressable boxes as instrument in receiving cable signal. One box per TV. We found this effective due to successful encryption in Merville Park, Paranaque and Kalayaan Village, Pasay last October 2004 to July 2005.

    More areas for encryption pretty soon!

    If you have further questions, just call the Customer Service hotline, 631-0000 and we will be happy to assist you.

  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sky high perks for Sky and Home Cable subscribers

    Providing 24-hour quality entertainment, the country’s premier cable TV provider, SkyCable, has just made cable TV viewing even more enjoyable and affordable with its line up of perks and privileges exclusively for its subscribers.

    SkyCable programming keeps Filipinos’ zest for real-life drama Pinoy-style burning, with the addition of ABS-CBN’s "Pinoy Big Brother" (PBB) premium channel. By subscribing viewers can watch the housemates’ unguarded moments 24/7. Witness the day to day actual drama as it happens inside the "Pinoy Big Brother" house from now until a winner emerges in December - no edits and no commercials.
    "SkyCable is the only cable provider where the real-life soap opera unfolds before your very eyes through the PBB premium channel which you can get for a minimum subscription fee of P1,500 only," says Hoyle Disuanco, SkyCable Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

    Add to this, three new cable channels are also set to liven up your screens starting this October.

    Hero, the first and only all Tagalog-dubbed Animé channel created by Creative Programs, Inc. will soon revolutionize the future of animé with awesome programming content such as "AniMYX," "Hall of Heroes," full-length animé films and classics, "Voltes V," "Combattler V" and even "Shaider."

    ETC 2nd Avenue boasts of human drama, real controversies, in-depth US news coverage, all-star line-up of talk shows and game shows as well as provocative scripted series and features.

    ‘Get Caught Up’ with Crime/ Suspense’s fast-paced and dynamic television programming replete with top Nielsen-rating series, big box-office draws, and highly-acclaimed factual dramas.

    As if these programming values are not enough, SkyCable has also launched its Early Payment Discounts for its subscribers including those of Home Cable.

    "The Early Payment Discount is our way of thanking our loyal subscribers for their continued patronage and appreciation of the services we provide them," says Disuanco.

    Subscribers who completely pay their latest bills on or before their due date can avail of R50 (SkyCable) and R45 (Home Cable) discounts, respectively, on their next bill.

    Aside from discounts, upgrading from Home Cable to SkyCable gives subscribers a wider variety in their channel surfing experience with the addition of five exclusive channels - Cinemax and Hallmark for movie buffs, Disney for little tykes, Discovery and Animal Planet for fresh insights on some of the world’s wonders – all pumping up your marathon viewing pleasure. What’s more, the PhP 350 service fee is automatically waived for all account upgrades.

    Cool prices are also in store for all subscribers with current accounts and those who choose to upgrade from now until October. Win 3 round trip tickets to Hong Kong with 3 days/ 2 nights hotel accommodation at Imperial Hotel, Kowloon or entertainment gadgets and kitchen appliances in the raffle draw to be held on Oct. 28, 2005.

    Now, aren’t these simply fantastic reasons to stay tuned to the biggest show on air? Call SkyCable hotline at 631-0000 for more information or for upgrades.
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hi guys,

    How's Hero Channel so far? We started airing it yesterday. For the whole month of October, we will air it from 4:00PM-12MN.
  • bluetheherobluethehero PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hero channel is fine, except that we hope the test broadcast will be earlier and longer.

    Nagimprove ang resolution ng GMA-7.
  • If I may ask, hows Sky compared to Dream?
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bluethehero >> Oh I see. You like it? Don't worry, next month, we'll air it 24/7. Yes, GMA 7 has better reception than ABS-CBN 2. That's a fact.

    splasher >> I am not familiar with the present lineup of Dream Cable. But on SkyCable, you will get ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), Cinemax, National Geographic Channel, Lifestyle Network, Hero and MYX. Of course, there's ABS-CBN 2 and Studio 23. Also, in couple of months, we will add 2 more channels, ETC 2nd Avenue and Crime/Suspense channels.

    Just tune in to this thread for more updates, soon.
  • bluetheherobluethehero PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    actually johnston, im not talking about reception, but resolution...

    GMA-7 has a better reception, meaning it can be seen with less discrepancies and fuzz. but ABS-CBN 2 has a better resolution [example, the resolution of Nokia 6630 is better than Nokia 6600 or 3650]. Also, GMA-7 has better visual effects in its shows, but ABS-CBN 2 has better graphics in its shows and programming, that is why ABS-CBN shows got better logos.

    My point is, before, the resolution of GMA-7 is better when you view it from a tv with antenna, or even when you are in a bus, than when you watch it over cable. But now, it had improved a lot, maybe the cameras of GMA-7 and their editing machines had improved, or maybe the sky/home improved its intermediation.
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bluethehero >> Pardon me, I was thinking of something else kasi. :D

    Yes, GMA 7 has better resolution. They upgraded their system in 2003, and I believe, until now, they're still working on it.

    ABS-CBN already upgraded their system even before 2000. They bought new equipments for better services. I think it's time for them to update their's for new ones.

    In other cable companies like Global Destiny, GMA is superior than ABS-CBN with regards to resolution.

    Well, we're on the process of upgrading our system. Hoping for positive feedbacks though.
  • So hows that again? For Sky there's going to be a setop box that has to be paid, and then there will soon be an option for prepaid subscription? How much is the cheapest package/plan/card whatever and how much is the box?
  • bluetheherobluethehero PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    splasher: setup boxes are not meant i think for subscription, i think it will be placed on certain posts in a street

    johnston: really? around 2-3 months ago i am very sure that ABS-CBN has better resolution than GMA-7 in cable. In my dormitory and here at home, i got sky. I am very sure about it. and i got quite worried when i traveled to taytay via G-Liner, and i saw Eat Bulaga, the tv in the bus had better resolution of gma-7 than on our tv that has cable. so can i conclude that there used to be a problem in terms of intermediation between sky and gma-7 causing gma to have poorer resolution before? cause u said that year 2003, gma had better resolution [though if you'll ask me, since i had cable for years, i wasn't able to feel the improvement of resolution except about 2 months ago]. i never knew gma had better resolution until u told me. no wonder GMA-7 is so mad at Sky.

    [p.s. im a kapamilya naman e, trying to be objective lang]
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    splasher >> As of the moment, we installed setup boxes in Kalayaan Village, Merville, Pasay and Gagalanging, Tondo, Manila. We installed it for free, and will be pulled out once you request for disconnection. The purpose of installation of the said boxes were basically to eliminate illegal connections, and of course for better audio and video facilities. Our basic rate is PhP800.00 for SkyCable, PhP625.00 for HomeCable/SunCable and PhP425.00 for SunVision. SunVision is exlusive to Taguig area. For SkyCable and HomeCable/SunCable, we have current promo for monthly subscribers: Early Payment Discount. Just pay your bills on or before the due date and you will get PhP50.00 and PhP45.00 discount respectively for SkyCable and HomeCable/SunCable on your next monthly bill. If the box will be damaged, you will pay PhP1500.00.

    bluethehero >> I believe GMA 7 acquired new equipments in 2003 that's why their resolution became good. And GMA shouldn't be mad at us because we know for a fact that ABS-CBN, which is our sister company, has lower resolution quality compared to GMA.
  • Di ba there's this cable company that's 66% Lopez and 33% PLDT. Tapos PLDT recently got Dream. So how's this going to affect the cable/satellite service? May possibility ba na Sky/Home/Sun/Dream?
  • Actually we'll be offering prepaid service and digital boxes by 2006. Digital encryption means we'll be giving out new tiers/channel line-ups.

    There would be a combination of the programs you like at a certain price. People wouldnt have to pay for the existing P800 rate by switching to different tiers.

    Here's a sample of what I mean:

    Package 1 includes Cinemax, Hallmark, and HBO
    Package 2 includes Star Movies, HBO, and Cineme One.

    Hopefully this project would start by the 1st quarter of 2006 or earlier.

    I'll give you guys info once it's official.
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    RT >> Actually, that's better. Just like cable providers in the States, they offer cable packages based on subscriber's choice of channels. Glad we're here to introduce that kind of service. :)
  • Great news! Starting this month, we are carrying 3 new channels that
    will surely
    add to the viewing pleasure of our subscribers and give the SkyCable
    brand more
    market advantage. The new channels are:

    1. Hero TV
    The country's only all Tagalog-dubbed anime channel. Get to watch
    classics such as Voltes V and Combattler V. Enjoy the most popular
    titles today
    like Naruto and Tokyo Underground. There will also be feature anime
    like Crush Gear Nitro, and full-length feature anime films like
    Catch Hero TV on channel 44 (for Sky, Home and SunCable) and channel 37
    Sunvision). Demo broadcast started last October 1 and runs from 4pm to

    (In Nov, broadcast is from 12nn to 12mn. December onwards, Hero TV will
    run on
    an 18-hour schedule from 6am to 12mn.)

    2. Crime/Suspense
    Must-see television with edgy and heart-stopping blockbusters,
    critically-acclaimed and award-winning TV series and gritty reality
    shows. Catch
    shows such as Bones and Law & Order, the longest-running drama series
    television. Get caught up with this dynamic new channel starting Oct 15
    channel 50 on Sky, Home and SunCable.

    (Channel assignment for Sunvision to be announced at a later date)

    3. ETC 2nd Avenue
    Enjoy an innovative mix of programs that provide an informative and
    look at life. Get in-depth news coverage, provocative TV series and
    candid talk
    shows. Watch out for ETC 2nd Avenue in December.
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    let's clarify a few things home used to be owned by PLDT and then they sold it to the lopezes so know they have home and sky but in exchange for the sell out of HOME to LOPEZ was not in cash but shares of stocks PLDT has 32percent of the shares of what the majority stocks of the lopezes has. I think it's unfair to the consumers of HOME before b'coz back then we have discovery channel but when the lopezes owned home they took away discovery and replaced it with National Geographic which we all know sucks so know they have this bargaining power if you want discovery you upgrade to sky. so why in the hell did they have to purchase HOME in the first place if it's going to compete with SKY. PLDT should have sold it to someone else with no vested interest
    some people may disagree with my views. I think it's unfair to the consumers we want something that is affordable at the same time with quality you called that HOME channel line up Quality that's a lot of bull.
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