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flame in love

how do you keep the fire burning in a relationship regardless of how long you two have been together? :blushing:


  • kailangan mo ng bunsen burner!
  • st.angerst.anger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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  • *Spend quality time with him
    *Spend some time apart so that he'll miss me
    * Do sum cute, sexy stuff he never imagined I can do
    * Surprise him sometime, do things that would make him feel special
    * Voluntee to be his slave for a day of massage.. and you know what..

    ** marami pang iba..
  • do some extra ordinary stuffs.....ofcourse sex will do...but most specially, dont forget to make him/her feel that he's/she's part of your life... :) *okay*
  • Recognize the small things . . . THEY
  • is sex really important?i mean is it really a big deal?
  • Additional.. I read somewhere.. don't hesitate to say I love you, just because you want to.. it makes a difference and you wouldn't lose anything.. :)
  • Don't make it a routine... try new things every now and then... this way you're both growing together... :) cythereaglitch is right... small things count.. so be sensitive with the little things.. :)

  • try new things together. u can travel, get into sports or just experiment with new things together. that way u strengthen the bond that u have. do something out of the ordinary n have fun. don't be too routinary n predictable
  • joielet wrote:
    kailangan mo ng bunsen burner!

    kulang ka ng gas at posporo...


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