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The future presidents in waiting - Escudero, Remulla, Defensor et. al.

Though I'm very much supportive of the current administration, I couldn't help but be impressd with the way Congressmen Francis Escudero and Gilbert Remulla have carried themselves during house sessions (ok, all those I got to see on TV). Those two young pugs have shown statesmanship with a sense of professionalism and conviction without being overly offensive, flamboyant or superficial. They're simply exemplary speakers who seem to be able to ignore party lines when tasked upon to join discussions in Congress. Remulla is a lot composed and "cool" than Escudero though. Escudero's edge lies in his ability to speak in Filipino better.

Mike Defensor is another one. He's ok -albeit a little more agitated and pained-looking when speaking in public. Hopefully, he'll figure things out.

These three are future senators. Hopefully, the advent of younger politicians would facilitate the further evolution of the Philippine government into a form most Filipinos would be proud of.



  • wackeekarenwackeekaren PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I'm ok for Escudero. Haven't seen Remulla though. Mike Defensor, hmmm. Parang ayoko.

    I really hope that in the next elections, those who would run will be those that can do the country good. And I hope that the people will vote those who deserve it. And I hope that the celebrity people - those who have no political background whatsoever - won't run.
  • Remulla, i heard topped d bar exams, with his good looks and calm demeanor, the guy is too good to be wasted by all the tradpols and weird characters around him in d opposition.

    Escudero, well hes task to confront the administration on vital issues. An effective speaker, Chis is more engaging and has the youth and spunk to represent d opposition and challenge ...

    Tada...Mike Defensor, Ate Glo's young political warrior. Of the three, Mike looks more feisty and is an object of controversy. His proximity to halls of power make him a favorite and easy bait for demolition. Hope susan roces spares the lad from her venom, she singled him out and branded him a liar.

    Escudero looks very promising but sometimes his face seem to show little emotion and lacks in d charisma department. His voice can be very monotonous especially when he gets fired up defending the opposition. But his future seems very bright...
  • pls lang bigyan nyo ng trabaho sa malacanang si REZ CORTEZ.
    PLS LANG. kaawa na yung mama.
  • pls lang bigyan nyo ng trabaho sa malacanang si REZ CORTEZ.
    PLS LANG. kaawa na yung mama.
    This is the Pex LAFI forum, not the Malacanang administrative office. Please forward all such requests to the proper venues.
  • knnknn PExer
    I like Escudero. Is he married? :inluv:
  • ^ yup, he's warm and very down-to-earth.

    Remulla seems to be sharper though. I doubt he has the same charisma though.
  • It still sounds a bit like judging these politicians on their image rather than the substance of what they argue about (i.e. their platforms). In one important sense, that's not much different from the lower class siding with Erap or FPJ because of their on-screen personas.

    That these new breed of congressmen can offer more in the way of talk than tradpols' empty rhetoric is certainly a very welcome step. However, talk is cheap unless backed with action.
  • Gide0nGide0n PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    especially si Escudero... sobrang mahinahon kung sumagot at laging may sense ang sinasabi.

    di gaya ng iba, pag tinanong mo ng maayos... pasigaw na, pabalang ka pang sasagutin :grrr:
  • ^ yup, unlike other people in the administration and opposition, Escudero never resorts to cheap threats and rhetoric *cough*Susan Roces *cough*.
  • ^ i very much admire how escudero handles the debates. he seems to actually think before he reacts, not like most trapos spewing ludicrous statements. his questions and interpolations make sense and he doesn't resort to grandstanding..
  • with Escudero, hes really good at explaining things and acts cool in a debate..plus he speaks Tagalog well....Remulla is handling the wiretapping hearing well...imagine controlling those grandstanding congressmen..
  • I've thought Chiz had a bright future for quite a while now. He makes loads of sense and always semms to be in command of the situation. Dont know too much about Remulla but for someone who seems so young he already is so composed. This youth might work against him though.

    Defensor? uhmm.. wag na.
  • naawa ako kay ESCUDERO dahil siya na lang lagi ang tagasalita ng mga taga-oposisyon na walang ideya kung paano tatanggalin si gloria!

    kawawang escudero! :hopeless:
  • His staunch allegiance to the opposition nothwithstanding, Escudero has potential.
  • Escudero could be a possible candidate for presidency by 2016.... and remulla by 2022 - I would support them both... hehehe i could also support a mike defensor presidency dahil kahit gaano ka sipsip itong tuta na ito e sobrang magalang naman..i give him credit for that....
  • Merong age requirement ang presidency so doubtful yung sa 2016, 2022 pa siguro. Senate pa muna sila siguro (at sagarin ang term sa congress). BTW meron akong nakitang sticker sa bus "SENATOR ESCUDERO". Aba ngayon pa lang nangangampanya na? :lol:
  • abscbnabscbn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    but we have to remember, power can corrupt a person. i do see the potential in the three, especially with mr. escudero. i just hope that they will maintain their ideals.
  • Oneiros: Escudero's father "Sonny" ran in the 2004 elections. :D

    The age requirement is 40 years old. You think Escudero's younger than 29 at this point? I don't think so. hehe
  • Ok na sana kung huwag nang isali si defensor. *peace*
  • even Susan Roces referred to Mike Defensor as a "future leader".

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