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Spain and Canada both legalize same-sex marriages


  • wackeekarenwackeekaren PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i wonder which country will be next.
  • i think this is a good sign that more and more people, not to mention countries, are realizing that homosexuals deserves what we currently afford to heterosexual couples and not be confined to the dogmatic view of equality and civil rights.
  • This is good news. In the Philippines, gay advocacy is about basic rights against discrimination, not too much on marriage.

    The economic crisis is so bad, it does not make sense to get married, even heterosexual couples are delaying wedding plans and preferring to live in a domestic partnership without paperwork.

    Priority of gays remain to find jobs.

  • tingnan niyo, kahit sa isang predominantly na catholic country like Spain naipasa itong batas. kailangan maging open minded ang ating mga leaders at clergy
  • Oo nga, kaya dapat kilalanin na sa legal ang karapatan naming mga bakla.

    Keep church and state separate. No matter what the church thinks, the state is in the final analysis answerable only to its citizens' equal rights.
  • A good sign!

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