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A non-Arroyo topic!!!

Reduce Philippine pollution!!!: By simply changing your current incandescent light to a more ENERGY-EFFICIENT compact florescent bulb, YOU CAN SAVE 2/3 OFF YOUR LIGHT COST!

MANILA, June 27 Asia Pulse - As global oil prices continue to rise, Department of Energy (DoE) Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla on Friday called on households and firms to use efficient lamps to drive down electricity costs.

"With oil prices breaching US$60 a barrel, energy has become very expensive. That's why President (Gloria Macapagal) Arroyo yesterday emphasized measures to mitigate the effects of rising oil prices, particularly to households and firms. One of these measures is the use of compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs," Lotilla said after the Energy Summit on Thursday.

Use of CFLs is part of the DoEs advocacies for efficient lighting and energy conservation. CFLs are energy-efficient, giving higher light output than incandescent bulbs.

For instance, a 20-watt CFL is five times brighter in terms of lumens per watt than a 100-watt incandescent bulb. CFLs also have longer life span than incandescent bulbs.

Although CFLs may be appear to be more expensive than incandescent bulbs, CFLs are in fact cheaper in the long-term, given that the use of incandescent bulbs will result in greater electric consumption and higher out-of-pocket costs, the energy chief noted.

The Philippine Lighting Industry Association (PLIA) earlier reported that about 35 to 40 million incandescent bulbs are being used in the country, which when simultaneously lighted during peak hours would consume about 2,400 megawatts of electricity, assuming these are 60-watt bulbs.

PLIA also estimated that displacing one sixth of the total incandescent bulbs in the country would defer the construction of a 300-megawatt power plant.

Efficient lighting is one of the components of energy audits being undertaken by DoE for commercial and industrial firms, including government agencies.

Last year, DOE reported savings of about P1.2 billion (US$21.6 million) arising from energy efficiency measures.



  • it's also a great way to lessen the effects of VAT!
  • ano nga palang nangyari dun sa device na nakakatipid daw sa gasolina?
  • I'm curious. Is there a Philippine manufacturer that makes one of these energy-efficient compact flourescent light bulbs?
    If there's none, why?
  • I'm curious. Is there a Philippine manufacturer that makes one of these energy-efficient compact flourescent light bulbs?
    If there's none, why?

    It would be nice if there was a Philippine compact fluorescent light bulbs manufacturer - maybe there were, I've never seen one though? But nevertheless the energy saved, if enough Filipinos replace their VERY INIFICIENT incandescent bulbs, will be good for the Philippine economy!
  • you know what can reduce your electricity bill. Take the IPP out of our billing statement because this is a stupid burden FVR has bestowed upon the Filipino people.
  • Taking out the IPP will of course reduce your bill... but if the demand for electricity keeps going up along with the current surge in oil prices world-wide, I'm certain the cost of electricity will go up. SO TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE GO AHEAD AND PURCHASE CFL BULBS.... YOU'LL also SAVE A TON OF MONEY... you'll so be doing your part to keep electricity prices from going up and perserving our evironment!
  • Alin yung KHAOS turbo charger? P6500 parin pag nagpa install ka.

    Sana suportahan din natin yung project ng DOST at DOE na Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) Bus, sa susunod na buwan (august2005) magkakaroon na ng 200 na CNG powered bus na ruta sa Manila-Batangas. Ang isang litro ng CNG ay P14.50 lang kumpara sa diesel na 29.50(at tumataas pa). Isa palang yung refueling station doon sa Binan laguna sa South expressway. Kung magiging successful to baka lahat ng bus at jeep CNG powered na hindi na tayo aasa sa middle east para sa petrolyo. Sa palawan Malapaya Natural Gas nalang tayo kukuha nang gasolina! :bop:
    read more here! *okay*
  • omengomeng PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hi bongnpinoy!

    is this imported? from where? Thanks
  • I haven't yet seen any manufactured in the Philippines. CFL technology is decades old - all major lighting manufacturer make CFL. They are a bit more expensive than the regular inefficient incandescent light... but they do last far much longer (eight to ten years). After all the energy saved and with the need to replaced bulbs less frequently.... THEY ARE BY FAR THE BEST VALUE IN THE LONG RUN.

    Here’s a link to GE’s CFL site: http://www.gelighting.com/apo/home/index.html

    omeng wrote:
    hi bongnpinoy!

    is this imported? from where? Thanks

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